Warning: This is based on an actual encounter experienced by myself, Tyler Hebert. This is a True Story. The story below may shock you, but please do not fear.
Solar Eye
Psychic Death, is a concept closely related to psychic progress. Many different psychic energies flow through the psychic, which causes the psychic to be cleared of all stagnant energy and is left feeling empty. The reward from psychic death is enlightenment – The sword which does not bend breaks.
I think it was two days ago. I went outside to meditate. I sat down, placed my crystals all around me and began my prana breathing. Before I could anchor myself to mother Earth, I opened my eyes and started seeing white mist flowing in the wind. I thought nothing of it, but it was everywhere. I’ve seen white midst before and figured it were just energies coming to witness an everyday meditation technique. I closed my eyes, again, and began envisioning my Root Chakra opening and spinning. Just as I did that the wind came at me with a strong force. My eyes opened without hesitation and all of a sudden these energies started coming at me. They would appear in front of me, as to make sure I noticed them. They would then come towards me with haste and run right through me. This happened for a while. I imagined myself surrounded by a ball of white light, but my focus wasn’t strong. I got light and started feeling cold. Something just wasn’t right.
I got scared and became overwhelmed with fear. This uncomfortable feeling ran throughout my body. I was confused and I didn’t feel safe. However, I didn’t get up. I brought my focus back to my breathing and continued surrounding myself with white light. The wind continued coming at me with force. With every burst of wind I was left feeling so light. It felt as though the wind was taking my energy from within me. In panic, I placed my hands on the ground to soak up energy from mother Earth. It was the only thing I could think of doing. But, as I did that, I felt the ground below me begin bubbling. The ground did not feel solid. I picked my hands up and looked at them only to see them pulsating at an extreme measure. The veins running down my arm looked abnormal. They each showcased what looked like something moving throughout them. Then this dead smell came over me. It smelt like dead fish, but why? Where was this smell coming from? Could it be, I, who smells dead?
The smell was horrible and hard to bear. It was similar to the smell of dead fish. It came from out of no where and I didn’t know why I was smelling it. My body was getting colder and colder with the second. Something didn’t seem right. I should not be cold, as it is hot outside. I should not be smelling anything dead, because nothing was dead around me. I thought to myself that everything was going to be okay. I was safe and in the light. Nothing could harm me. Or, at least I though so.
All of a sudden, I fly landed on my right knee. I swiped it away. Then another fly landed on my other knee. I swiped that one away. Then, both flies came back and placed themselves where they were just moments before. I swiped both of them away with fear. We all know that when it comes to flies they never really symbolize anything good. The thought of what my friend had mentioned about them in the past came to surface in my mind. She had told me that demons take the shape of flies. It was that moment when I realized I was the one that smelt dead. I got up and ran to the porch. I was nervous and scared, because I didn’t know if a dark soul or evil entity jumped into my body, or not. The dogs were all smelling me, as if they could sense the dead smell too. I grabbed my crystal around my neck and it was ice-cold. Usually when crystals are worn they stay warm. I put my hand on my heart and it was faint. I felt so weak.
I took my right hand and began tapping at my Heart Chakra. It seemed as though tapping it would keep my heart beating. When I would stop tapping it my heart beat would get faint. At one point my heart beat was felt below my rib cage. Something wasn’t right. I got worried and scared for my life and told my brother to bring me to a church. We got to the church and there was no pastor to be found. The thought of death overcame me. I figured I was going to die. My heart was still faint as before and I had nowhere to turn. I went back into the Church, sat down in front of Jesus and began praying. The energies I had seen earlier had followed me inside the church. They were still swarming around my being, but never did I stop praying. I called upon the archangels and reassured myself that I was going to be alright. It was all I could do.
A long story short, it was something I never want to experience ever again. What I failed to realize was how my faith in God wasn’t there. How my faith in my angels wasn’t there. The only thing that overtook me was fear. It was a test of perception of duality. We are tested daily on our beliefs and perception of love. When we fear we create evil. When we love we create light.  If I had not let fear overcome me I would have known I was just being cleared out for the next step of my soul development. This is why we are not to fear. See love in everything. But, we all know that the mind is a very powerful thing. One that is always being developed and reprogrammed.