We are spiritual beings living a physical life for the purpose of evolving spiritually by redefining physicality. ” – Tyler J. Hebert

I once believed I possessed the psychic/spiritual ability of Clairsentience, Clairempathy, Mediumship and Clairvoyance, but could there exist abilities stretching beyond normal psychic capabilities? I ask this, because after 2 years down the path of my spiritual journey I came to sense something more in relation to these so-called abilities and what we are being told. I believe that truth is hard to find and never would it ever be in reach of someone with such ease as to read it online or in a book. That would be too easy, which is why majority of people, including myself, find it so hard to understand the works of such abilities. Is it possible that enlightenment is basically mastering the use of one’s abilities?  What would be the treasure in reaching such a heighten state of knowing if we were given the answers ever so freely?

I believe that hard work and persistence is the only aid in discovering the hidden virtues within the universal energy of each individual soul. Only when we begin to learn what is needed of our personal service and attention will our reality start to take root within the universal vortex of all that is. The universe is our home. The universe is our source. The universe is our soul. The universe is the creator of our psychic abilities and they will manifest once we start to individually put the pieces of the puzzle making up our soul back together. When we begin to heal we release ourselves of stagnant energy and energy blockages, which will cause our vibrations to raise. Once our vibrations raise our physical body is then able to anchor and hold more light of our universal soul. It may be a long process, but it is so worth it, because the soul, itself, is where these abilities exist.

I have researched and studied Psychic and Spiritual Abilities. I even attended a University of Alternative Studies to help further understand my abilities. However, I did not finish the courses I was given due to my disbelief in the material being studied. I always follow my intuition and in all honesty I feel there is more to what we are being fed by the internet, along with all documented resources available to the public. But, why do I feel this way? What do I believe that these psychic abilities we can read about are only the foundation of much stronger abilities doormat inside each human being alive today?

Ever since my awakening I have yet to accumulate any kind of knowledge  to lead me to unveil the knowing of my abilities. To this day what I am able to perceive is still unknown and comes across to some as either impossible, or insane. Deep within I know I am sane and what I am able to experience is real. Deep inside I feel that what I’ve been through is something of great use for the future of humanities knowledge about the unknown. Who we are is more than we can ever put into words of logical thinking. We are more than a physical form. We are more than a beating heart. We are spiritual beings living a physical life for the purpose of evolving spiritually by redefining physicality.


Things I can SENSE & PERCEIVE beyond the physical realm:

– I can feel things entering the left side of my body

– I can feel things place their hands on my shoulders

– I can take a deep breath, blow out as hard and long as I can to feel energy moving out of my body

– I can feel things trying to enter my body through my backside. (The hole between my cheeks)

– I can sense the atmosphere change within a room

– I get goosebumps frequently and spontaneously

– I can feel pressure in my temporal lobes and sometimes around my neck

– My feet often times vibrate while being covered with tingling sensations

– I can see white specks of light all over the place while outside

– I see random orbs float in front of my vision (I’ve seen white orbs with either a blue or red trim)

– I often times see orbs when I meet up with random people

– I can feel the emotions and energy of others, which often times leaves me feeling depressed and helpless

– I can see white mist floating around objects, my hands and often times they can be seen floating freely outside

– I can look at something and then look away and see the imprint of what I looked away from in my vision (Often times Inverted)