At this moment in my life I am at my weakest. I am at my darkest hour and at one point my thoughts were at their worse. This recent Mercury Retrograde has left me physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually exhausted. No longer do I possess strength within my mind, body nor my spirit. It seems like the days are no longer bright and the nights are darker than ever. What will come of this obstacle, which is drenched in a reality of pure insanity? Everything was once fine, but slowly everything began to crumble. The hole below my feet hesitated not once in burying everything I once was. My emotions are unstable, yet my mind is in overdrive. The strength of my soul is being tested to the max. I can survive this. I will survive this. I have to survive this.

– My recent 2 week journey into the dark night of my being was documented the whole way. What I have to share is sure to be enlightening. Stay tuned, my dear readers.


Things I’ve Experienced, Recently:

– I was left without electricity for 2 weeks

– Slept in a tent for a couple nights

– There was a couple days of starvation

– Family unconcerned with well-being