INTENSE ENERGY SPECTRUM – Mercury Retrograde/Sun in Leo

If you have yet to notice, these new energies entering Earth are rough. They are triggering parts of ourselves to awaken to it’s fullest through illumination of the shadow self, which is the evil twin of ourselves we have once shunned and now must acknowledge, examine, harmonize and embrace. We are not to judge this dark part of the self, as within this shadow self resides specific beneficial aspects that offer much needed assistance. We will understand more later, but for now we must be fully prepared for the path we are soon to take. All of this is being done subconsciously, which is manifesting itself into our conscious reality. At this time is when our capability of discernment will be tested. I assure you it will come in handy. This can seem intense, but it is happening for the purpose of cleansing out all the baggage, limited beliefs and corrupted knowledge to ensure a pure link in bridging the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

FINDING BALANCE – Harmonizing All Aspects of The Self
We live within a universe built upon duality. Therefore, we each need to understand the importance behind finding harmony and balance between the physical/spiritual, conscious/subconscious and masculine/feminine aspects of ourselves. It can be done. Believe in yourself with faith and trust. Know the path we each take is paved by our very soul. And, it was our very soul who ensured every step is to be guided by the higher planes.We are never alone. Assistance is always within the grasp of thought.

SERVICE TO OTHERS – Learning Potential of The Self

Judge not thyself, nor the self of another. Remember, the struggle of another can be easily resolved through the wisdom of another persons capability to offer guidance. If you have the ability to shine your light into the darkness of another, it may help them come to conclusions on what needs to be done in order to prevail.

Every time we help someone our vibrations raise, which allows for an upgrade in the energy spectrum able to be anchored into the physical body. In return, we are able to reach higher levels of consciousness, which is the key in experiencing multidimensionality. The spectrum of light radiates continuously from everyone and everything. All one has to do is call on the energy and it will flow as needed.

ANCHOR THE SPECTRUM – Aligning The Soul & Physical body

Tap into this energy merely by consciously enveloping yourself in the vibrational frequency of color through food, visualization, clothing, prana breathing, water, etc. Be unique in your endeavors and remember to share with others those techniques that are beneficial in terms of aligning the spirit with the body.