Turn on the light to discover the inner-depths behind the core of the self.

Beliefs have played a large part in the fear based mentality behind the fundamental importance for the manifestation of religion. We were persuaded to believe in the existence of demonic entities instilled with energy of pure evil. In movies and stories, they were projected to not be of harmony with the Divine Source and have the potential to possess the body of any person not in resonance with the path of God. These depictions were imprinted into our belief systems and have only brought chaos to encompass the existence of man. These assumptions have left many to live their entire lives in fear of the darkness and silence within the night.

Beliefs play a large part in defining who we are, where we stand and what we are capable of. They leave us to rely on the truth derived from another person’s perception of truth. This put a limit on our ability, as humans, to acquire our own perception of knowledge through discovery of individual truth. This has limited our right to obtaining a higher perception of universal awareness.  We unconsciously degraded ourselves by shunning our own intelligence by believing information without a single wonder of logical proof. Are we not able to depict truth on our own? It goes to show how dependent we are on external resources for reassurance. The experiences of such demonic beings are merely a manifestation from the deep aspects of the unconscious.

Man is nothing more than a reflected manifestation projected from his unconscious mind.

Shine light on the core of your being to see what exist within the darkness of the unconsciousness.

The path of man is one of self-discovery and self-development.

Each person lives two realities, one conscious and one unconscious. The conscious reality is an alternate reality built off our own perception of who we are, while the unconscious reality is the core of who we truly are.

We each live an alternate reality built around the conscious perception of who we are. Our true existence resides within the core of our unconscious mind. Discovering the truth behind this derives from the meaning of a spiritual journey into the inner-depths of the self.