There is truly no greater education than that of the self. 

Get to know thyself and thy body. Become your own best friend. It’s a path of peaceful oneness filled with internal bliss.

Once one masters their mind, body and emotions he/she then becomes invincible. It’s possible, but only with persistence, confidence and self-discipline.

Become all you were meant to be by discovering your true potential, not as a human, but as a servant to the evolution of all of humanity.

The book of the new age is being written as we speak. The author is not one individual, but many reflected projections of all whom fear not to embark into the eyes of their own. The novel we leave behind lies within the unveiling of human capability. Self discovery is a journey into the depths of individual existence. The reward is that of hidden knowledge held deep within the sacred chest of his core.

Personal Technique:

Sit down. Get quiet. Ask yourself questions. Silently observe. Listen for answers. Become aware of subtle changes. Acknowledge all emotions. Observe their meanings. Open up and Feel them. Breathe in. Hold it. Then exhale with the intention to release them with forgiveness and love.

With Love and Light,

Tyler J. Hebert