“The War Between Soul and Personality”

Written by Tyler J. Hebert


Each life is difficult, as no life is ever perfect. We are ever-changing and forever growing. As souls we reincarnate with a purpose. To grasp the meaning behind each individual existence is the main thing every human being strives for. We want to have meaning. We seek the security and comfort in self-identification, better known as personality and soul. As children we deal with combat between spirit and personality. As we mature and infuse spirit with personality we then again come into another battle, yet this time it deals with the struggle between spirit infused personality and the soul.  This battle can best be described as a full on war, because this is when the soul awakens to retrieve order through chaos.

The personality, usually molded by corruption and deception, will often times be manipulated into shunning their intuition, also known as the voice of the soul.  This causes the personality to be lured away from the path assigned by and to their soul.  When this happens the vibrations of the personality will no longer resonate with the vibrations of the soul and everything around the personality infused reality will have to be re-molded and refreshed. What no longer serves beneficial to the soul will be removed, including friends, belonging, careers, hobbies, perceptions, etc.

This stage of transformation is, commonly known as, Ascension. This process is mandatory and should be taken seriously if one wishes to benefit fully from such personal development, along with acquiring wisdom through discovery. During this stage of transformation everything changes to better match the vibrational frequency emitting from deep within the core of the newly awakened soul. Such experiences might include, redirection back to the path paved solely for their soul purpose, regeneration of the body back into a state of a purified temple and restructuring of the entire brain, left and right hemispheres, to enable it to reach higher states of consciousness.  The war is complete once the soul is victorious over the personality and harmonic balance is found,one will be gifted with the stillness of oneness. It is within this oneness where heightened levels of extra-sensory perceptions are then perceived through subtle awareness.

Within every experience thereon lies opportunities to acquire fragments of the soul.  These fragments piece together like a puzzle to form an energetic blueprint, which is basically an energetic signature of the soul.  Each of us are assigned certain challenges throughout our incarnation on the earthly plane. These challenges, some easier and some harder than others, aid in gaining a better understanding behind the potential of one’s soul. The level of difficulty depends solely on previously reached enlightenment, obtained during past incarnations over numerous lifetimes, which are permanent etheric imprints residing within each soul blueprint.

These challenges are not supposed to set us back from reaching our soul purpose, but to merely reinforce hidden potential.  They are to be viewed with a more positive perspective with appreciation for illuminating one’s strengths and weaknesses.  Live with awareness for the importance of troubled times, because they aid in the restructuring the self as a whole. Through pain, grief, loss and all rough times comes emotional and mental stability through the power of acknowledging instability and imperfection.

To know thyself as perfect is to know thyself undefined.

Every caterpillar must first fight the struggle of climbing the tough barks of a tree before it settles into a place of peace where it then transforms into a beautiful butterfly and takes off into blissful flight.

I speak from past experiences which now reside within as imprinted accounts of much-needed personal wisdom. Service of self is best developed in dealings of service to others. The self is a form of nature that needs mending. It needs nurturing. As a form we seek substance and that substance is personality and soul. The death of personality is the caterpillar and the rebirth of soul is the butterfly. The challenges of life are our personal rewards.

Think about it.