ESOTERIC ASTROLOGY, is the science of all sciences. This once sacred knowledge is now accessible to the public and has shined light into the darkest corners of the world and the minds of its inhabitants. Perceptions are changing, reality reconfigured,  existence redefined and illusions distinguished. Knowing is power and power is knowing. It is through the spark of the 7th Chakra where the flame of the soul discovers its light  in the 5th Chakra. Connection  7th Chakra Elevation of consciousness is food to the  essence of nature finds all in the the Sun’s glow.
energies of the Great Central Sun. s bringing with it answers to  inherited knowledge, traditions and beliefs.  Esoteric Astrology is not easy to comprehend and is best suited for the abstract minded, because it is complex and unconventional.
yet holds the key to discovering evolution and existence. providing light to the darkest corners of humanity and existence. to the minds of humanity where it is being studied and revised by teachers and students all over the world. studied. bringing light into the darkest owhere it will be revised and comprehensible state.
After years of research on the newly relevant science of all sciences, I’ve found clarity. In terms of man, there exist within his cosmic astral energy field seven (7) various planes of expression. Each plane plays an important role in receiving and transmitting the subtle impressions to and from the seven (7) sacred planetary gods in our solar system. Each planet influences and commands the functioning of mans personality.
Humanityis divided into three levels, which labels man apart of the lesser zodiac (still supervised and influenced by the sacred planets), the disciple (man working through his Sun sign and interacting with his Rising sign) and thenthere are the initiates (those able to perceive and manipulate the energy of the planets toachievesoul purpose and aid humanity).These 7 rays are highly important in understanding ones qualities, strengths, abilities and capabilities. Some work with only one ray, while others work with 3 or 4. It all depends on one’s soul level of enlightenment. These energies have always worked behind the scenes on the astral plane. These Rays are cultivated from the seven (7) stars of the Great Bear constellation. From there they cycle through the seven (7) sisters of Pleiades directly through  the constellation minor Ursa. Next, they make their way to Sirius where they then are transmitted from the 12 constellations into each of the 12 zodiacs. From the 12 Zodiacs the Rays then enter our Solar System and are funneled through the core of our Sun.  The 7 rays are then channeled throughout the 7 Sacred Planets and then finally transmitted  to Earth through its Plantary Chakras, or 7 Cities,  and then finally filtered into the seven (7) energy chakras of humanity..

Ok, so back to my discovery,
To ensure you are properly prepared for the strike of the Dweller you may want to examine your SUN sign, its ruler and house position. The Shadow Self would be the MOON sign and its ruler and house position, along with its polar opposite sign.