Auric Energy Attachment Clearing

You will receive the distant Attunement, Manual and Certificate.

Auric Attachment Clearing Attunement

Energy Attachment Clearing is a system that  work in protecting and cleaning the Auric body from unwanted  energy within the auric body, including attachment from entities and attached etheric cords. These attachments can affect the patterns inherent within the soul. Sometimes we incarnate with karmic ties to other souls from past lives, which push through our energy fields to the point of controlling the physical body. Often times these attachments can even lead to physical damage, disease and disability.

Auric Energy Attachment Clearing helps us to escape from the feeling of being controlled, forced, compelled, manipulated, deceived and bound. It also aids in revitalizing our physical behavior patterns and habits from unwanted patterns. Releasing these attachments can increases energy, along with our well-being. It aids in understanding our true purpose and frees us from the feelings of limitation. Eventually with the help of this attunement, one can finally achieve a more fulfilled life.

Auric Energy Attachment Clearing releases our bond with things of the past and those that are not beneficial to the development of our Soul. Once these energies, cords and attachments are released we can finally get ourselves back to our fullest potential.

Clear your consciousness by clearing your Auric field!

Once you do, you will then be able to clear the Auric fields of those around you!

Auric Energy Attachment Clearing (includes)

– Distant Attunemnt

– Manual (emailed)

– Certificate (emailed)

Attunement Price: $35.00