Aurora Reiki Attunement

Learn How To Heal The Aura

This wonderful attunement will grant one with greater understanding of the human Aura. It will aid one, not only to see the aura, but also to heal it, along with giving very clear definitions of each various color.

Included with  Aurora Reiki Attunement:

  • What is the Aura?
  • How to see the Aura
  • How to scan the Aura
  • Aura Color Meaning
  • How to strengthen the Aura
  • How to send Aurora energy to an object
  • Certificate and Manual

You will receive all 3 Levels of Aurora Reiki:

  • Level 1: Elementary (Learn to clean the aura)
  • Level 2: Madya ( Learn to clean the aura of others)
  • Level 3: Master (Learn to teach Aurora Reiki to others)



Aurora Reiki TM: $45.00