shamballa-reiki-level-1-79Shamballa Reiki is not like other forms of Reiki.

With Shamballa Reiki you are asked to take your own power back and work in
accordance with Divine will, you are asked to empower the people you work with not to give their
power away to you, anyone or anything else.

In this course you will learn:

  • How to use Shamballa with crystals
  • How to clear energies from buildings and places
  • Earth healing
  • How to heal yourself, and facilitate healing so others may become whole
  • How to connect people to their higher selves and the Mahatma energy
  • Learn meditations to activate your merkaba, clear and cleanse your 50 chakra’s
  • Activate your 36 strand DNA
  • Clear unwanted energies and implants from you physical and subtle bodies
  • Meet your Reiki guides and other multi-dimensional beings, including the Ascended Masters and Galactic Masters.

All our courses include the traditional Reiki attunements as well as the Shamballa method.

We have over 3000 thousand people practicing level 1 & 2 around the world with over 300 teachers so why not join us and speed your journey to freedom.

( Manual & Certificate Included )

Price: $75.00