Includes levels 1 – 4, Manual and Certificate

Violet Flame Reiki, aka Quan Yin Reiki, is a newly discovered form of Reiki. It re-introduces us to the goodness of our own personal power by connecting us with the energy of Quan Yin and St. Germain. The emphasis of Violet Flame Reiki is healing with that of a pure heart.

Violet Flame Reiki will clear away ego and leave behind only that of a pure heart. This attunement can be used in conjunction with any other healing methods, including traditional styles of Reiki.

There are four levels of Violet Flame Reiki and each level contains 10 symbols. These symbols are powerful and very usual, as each individual symbol stands alone in its ability to assist in delivering incredibly loving energy to others.

Included with Violet Flame Reiki:

  • Attunment
  • Manual
  • Symbols


Violet Flame Reiki Levels 1-4: $25.00