ARIES[sun sign]

“Service To Self”

March 21 – April 19


The Aries is one of the most predominant signs of the Zodiac. Extroverted by nature, people falling under this sign are deemed to be active, adventurous and courageous. They love to be apart of spontaneous activities, especially those seen as unsuitable by most. This gets their adrenaline pumping.

Most of the time you will find an Aries undertaking some-sort of challenge and they do this without hesitation. They live through their instinct, which is their motivation. It is not common to find an Aries sit down and think before completing an action. Their energetic energy has the potential to inspire others to open up and live life less seriously.

When it comes to socializing, Aries has this in the bag. They can be found talking up a storm. When they aren’t talking they will somehow find a way to get back into the limelight of their social circle, as they are natural social butterflies. No matter where they are, or who they are around, Aries will communicate or at least try to interact with someone, or something. Sitting in silence is something they will try at all cost to avoid, because they feel the need to live every second to the fullest. Impatience is one of Aries’ downfalls. However, this can be easily managed if the Aries allows for a connection with a zodiac sign of Earth or Water. Some compatible signs to aid in keeping Aries grounded are Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces, Taurus and Libra.

Majority of Aries will possess multiple talents. They are born with this innate passion for sports and  they are very good at any sport of their choosing. Aries are very competitive. So, if they fail the first time at anything the Aries won’t give up. They will simply continue practicing until they eventually win, which is an ego boost for the Aries, as they love showcasing to other people the capability of their full potential.

The Aries are so consumed with their external reality to a point where they often lose touch with their internal identity. This can often be seen through an individuals detachment from any emotional or spiritual endeavors. Being so mentally and physically involved in life really leaves no time to spare for the development of emotional and spiritual bodies. Therefore, this is why egotistic corresponds so much to someone under the sign Aries. In the end, if it doesn’t effect the Aries, then so be it.  Let the Aries live their live as they choose be. Just make sure, if you are an Aries, not to be overly confident. Remember, always be open to another persons opinions, ideas and thoughts.

Since Aries is somewhat of a no-it-all, it might be highly recommended to indulge in a conversation with someone of a Water sign, such as Scorpio, Cancer or Pisces. Water is the only element able to project reflections, which will provide Aries with the resources to trigger a state of self-reflection through self-examination. The Aries can, if disciplined, find moments to reflect upon himself/herself highly beneficial.

Symbolic Representation: Ram

Association: Brow, Forehead and Eyes

Innate Abilities: Highly Intuitive/Direct Knowing

Personality Ray: Ray 1 and Ray 7

Element: Fire (simultaneously dangerous & important)

Color: Red

Gemstone: Diamond

Constellation: In the northern hemisphere lying between Pisces and Taurus

Ruling Planet: Mars

Crystal: Red Ruby/Diamond

Vibration: Courage

Polar Opposite: Libra

Principal: I AM

Universal Gift: Motivated To Act

Development: Evolve into Libra

Secret Desire: “To Lead The Way For Others”

Negative Personality Traits: Egotistic, Undisciplined, Closed Minded, Bossy, Loud, Overindulgent, Unlovable & Unidentified.


To aid SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT, connect with the aspects of Aries’ polar opposite Libra. Below are a few tips:

Pioneering Aries sign with the Artistic Libra sign to become the ‘Artistic Pioneer’

Assertive Aries sign with the Libra sign of Tact to become ‘Tactfully Assertive’

• Aries sign of Creativity with the Libra sign of the Diplomat to become the ‘Creative Diplomat’

Assertive Aries sign with the Mediating Libra sign to become an ‘Assertive Mediator’

• Aries sign of Athleticism with the Libra sign of Beauty to become the ‘Striking Athlete’

• Aries sign of New Beginnings with the Libra sign of Social Sense to become the ‘Social Trendsetter ’

Courageous Aries sign with the Desire for Justice of the Libra sign and become the ‘Courageous Fighter for Justice’

• Aries sign of Self Will with the Libra sign of Harmony to create ‘Self Willed Harmony’ within you

• Aries sign of Assertiveness with the Charming sign of Libra to become the ‘Assertive Charmer’

Creative sign of Aries with the Pleasing sign of Libra to become the ‘Creative Pleaser’

Anger Diffuse sign of Aries with the Tactful Libra sign to become the ‘Tactful Anger Diffuser’

• Aries sign of Confidence with the Libra sign of Refinement to exude ‘Refined Confidence’

• Aries sign of Action with the Libra sign of Balance to develop a sense of ‘Balanced Action’

• Aries sign of bravery with the Libra sign of partnership to become the ‘brave partner’ your mate can admire