These are the stones I have found most suitable for myself, as a sun sign Virgo. I find them best receptive to my energy. I recommend the following to my fellow Virgo’s, as well as anyone else on a mission to find that next perfect crystal to go with them during their spiritual journey. Below you will see a picture to help identify each crystal, along with a detailed description explaining my experiences with each.

SODALITE: (Pendant)
This crystal is one that helped me understand more of who I am. The more I wore it, the stronger our connection became. It is a stone that allows me to tap into my creative side to allow for a much smoother way of self-expression, especially through writing. This crystal helped me to discipline my mind to a point where I was no longer thinking. My mind became quiet. This enabled myself to become a channel.


– Helps trigger new ideas
– Brings harmony into one’s daily life
– Helps calm thoughts and emotions
– Aids automatic writing
– Allows for a deeper understanding of the self

KYANITE (BLUE) with Amethyst Crystal: (Pendant)
I didn’t buy my Kyanite until I felt I was ready and willing to accept its offerings. As a strong vibrational crystal, it aligns and activates all chakras, including the third eye. The first day I wore my Kyanite, it helped raise my vibrations, which raised my consciousness to a higher level. The energy from the Kyanite was s strong, as I could feel its energy. At times it even felt heavy around my neck. This stone helped me activate my third eye, which allowed for conscious seeing. When I speak of seeing, I mean things not seen by the normal human eye. Spirits began to make their presence known. Most would try to take the Kyanite off of my neck. It also placed a shield around my Auric field to protect myself from negative energy. If one is not properly prepared and developed, this crystal can drain one and have them experience moments of fatigue. Just be careful.

– Aids in dream recall
– Helps activate the third eye
– Aligns and activates all chakras
– Places a shield around the energy body (Protects one from negative energy)
– Helps ground spiritual energy
– Aids one to SEE things from a different perspective

This crystal helped me tap into my sensitive side. It helped bring harmony between my masculine and feminine energy. This crystal triggered some time of self-reflection, but in a way that was bearable. The energy of this stone is very gentle and very comforting. This can be worn by a male or female. I honestly think that everyone should invest in a peach moonstone. Make sure it isn’t a regular moonstone, as the peach has different vibrations and effects.

– Calms emotions and thoughts
– Allows for a smooth transformation through self-reflection
– Great for writers, as it aids in a more open expression of writing
– Allows one to open up to find the good in others
– Balances the male and female energies (Yin-Yang, Masculine-Feminine, Light-Dark)

HERKIMER DIAMOND: (Crystal 3inches in length)
This is the one crystal I find to have the strongest connection with. It is with my everywhere I go. The energy from this crystal is so strong, as it rocks back and forth when held in the palm of my hand. Anyone in the presence of this stone is quickly drawn to it. They have this need to hold it and feel it’s vibrations.

– Enables lucid dreaming
– Helps one connect to their higher self
– Protects one during travel
– Raises the consciousness to tap into higher knowledge, wisdom and creativity
– Helps raise the vibrations of the wearer, along with the vibrations of other crystals
– Places a shield around the physical, mental and spiritual body of one. (Shields negative entities and emotions.)
– Absorbs negative energy and locks it within itself
– Can store any information and allow access for a later date
– Most hold ancient information stored away during past lives

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