Each of the two examples below both deal with Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP). The definition of ESP varies regarding the source of scientific make-up. In my own definition, it is the ability to perceive energy vibrations beyond the physical within the physical body. Somehow, the sub-conscious mind is able to acknowledge sensations from energy throughout the physical body.

Extra-Sensory Perception of Energy – Example 1

I want you to think about the feeling you get when you walk into a night club. Ever noticed how the energy draws you in, stimulates your heart and pulls your focus into this higher state of consciousness. It’s addicting, influential and somewhat refreshing.  Can you sense the exhilarating energy now? I am sure you can. For those of you who’ve never been to a night club, maybe you can remember the sensation that overwhelms you when someone begins to shout, scream or argue. Ever noticed how the energy quickly causes your entire body to become warm, uncomfortable and uneasy. It is how we are able to detect when a person is staring at us from across the room.


Extra-Sensory Perception is done when the conscious mind develops to a point of acknowledgment for the existence of energy beyond the physical senses. In order for this to occur the conscious mind must be trained to bridge a link into the sub-conscious. When this bridge is created the sub-conscious is then linked to the conscious where it is able to interfere with conscious reality. Majority of people who first tap into their sub-conscious may experience, an Awakening, which means possessing new ways of thinking.


The Conscious Mind is associated with analyses, organization, short-term memory and logic.

The Sub-Conscious Mind is associated with psychic abilities, long-term memory, intuition, creativity, emotions and spiritual connection.



  • Meditation – Learning to quiet the mind is highly beneficial when it comes to the conscious mind obeying the sub-conscious mind.
  • Writing – Writing somehow allows our sub-conscious thoughts to be filtered through the conscious mind.
  • Thinking – Our thoughts influence the level of awareness within the conscious and sub-conscious mind.
  • Healing– Acknowledging hidden emotions is known to enhance the functionality between our conscious and sub-conscious mind.