It is best to program your Merkaba intuitively, by focusing your attention on it and giving it orders/requests.

For example, you can order your Merkaba to:
“Dear Merkaba, please heal me.”
“Dear Merkaba, please balance all my different bodies, between themselves.”

You can also make copies from your Merkaba and ask them to do things:
“Dear Merkaba, Please make a copy of yourself, position the copy around my house, balance all the energies inside and around the house, and bring endless abundance to all who live in the house so that they will always have everything they need.”

Or if you are more grandiose:
“Dear Merkaba, please make a huge copy of yourself, position that copy around the planet Earth, and bring healing and harmony to the planet and to all who live on/in it.”

Obviously all these copies will remain connected to you and you will feel the energies of the copies all the time. This is why I don’t recommend positioning your Merkaba around objects with “bad” energy…

You can also program your Merkaba for protection and for filtering energies:
“Dear Merkaba, please create a bubble of energy around, which will filter all the energies coming to me, so that the only energy the will pass through will be love.”

You can also connect yourself to places with your Merkaba:
“Dear Merkaba, please connect me to my soul and my inner guidance.”
“Dear Merkaba, please simplify all the messages that I receive from my soul so that I can understand them better.”

This is one of my favorite programs:
“Dear Merkaba, Please bring unlimited amounts of light, love, luck and joy of life into my life, so that I will always have everything that I need, when I need it.”

You can also combine your individual Merkaba bodies into one unified body, so that whatever you are doing will become stronger.
Seat in a circle and activate your individual Merkabas. When all the Merkabas are active, unify them into one big Merkaba. Just wish it to happen, and it will. If you feel that one of you doesn’t connect, it’s because he has an inner resistance somewhere. Ask the person to give his Merkaba permission to unify with all the rest of the Merkabas in the room. His Merkaba will unify as well, once it has permission.

When the Merkabas has unified themselves into one big Merkaba, you can give it a unified program such as:
“Dear unified Merkaba, please clean my whole Country and the Seas around it, and raise the vibrations the whole area. Please concentrate on the areas of my Country where there are war mongering people. Clean the energies so that peace, harmony, and spiritual and economic prosperity will come to the whole Country.”

You can also ask the Angels, the ascended Masters, your spiritual guides or the dolphins to join your unified Merkaba, and then let them guide your Merkaba in the best possible way, so as to accomplish what you want to accomplish.

Once you have finished doing, whatever you wanted to do together, ask the Merkabas to split into individual Merkabas once again.

If you believe in time, your Merkaba will be active for 24-48 hours, after you have activated it. That is why it’s good to activate and program your Merkaba every day.

If you don’t believe in time, then your Merkaba was, is and always will be active…



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