The Reality of One

One Person. One Journey. One Unknown Outcome.

Healing Inner Demons

Turn on the light to discover the inner-depths behind the core of the self.

Beliefs have played a large part in the fear based mentality behind the fundamental importance for the manifestation of religion. We were persuaded to believe in the existence of demonic entities instilled with energy of pure evil. In movies and stories, they were projected to not be of harmony with the Divine Source and have the potential to possess the body of any person not in resonance with the path of God. These depictions were imprinted into our belief systems and have only brought chaos to encompass the existence of man. These assumptions have left many to live their entire lives in fear of the darkness and silence within the night.

Beliefs play a large part in defining who we are, where we stand and what we are capable of. They leave us to rely on the truth derived from another person’s perception of truth. This put a limit on our ability, as humans, to acquire our own perception of knowledge through discovery of individual truth. This has limited our right to obtaining a higher perception of universal awareness.  We unconsciously degraded ourselves by shunning our own intelligence by believing information without a single wonder of logical proof. Are we not able to depict truth on our own? It goes to show how dependent we are on external resources for reassurance. The experiences of such demonic beings are merely a manifestation from the deep aspects of the unconscious.

Man is nothing more than a reflected manifestation projected from his unconscious mind.

Shine light on the core of your being to see what exist within the darkness of the unconsciousness.

The path of man is one of self-discovery and self-development.

Each person lives two realities, one conscious and one unconscious. The conscious reality is an alternate reality built off our own perception of who we are, while the unconscious reality is the core of who we truly are.

We each live an alternate reality built around the conscious perception of who we are. Our true existence resides within the core of our unconscious mind. Discovering the truth behind this derives from the meaning of a spiritual journey into the inner-depths of the self.



Awakening The Mind & Heart

SPIRITUAL JOURNEY: Personal Philosophy/Guidance/Techniques


Renaissance of the Personality (mind) and Heart (spirit) will link a bridge for the Soul to enter the physical vessel.

Sometimes the mind and the heart both have their own unique path to pursue in discovering the identity of the personality, unveiling hidden knowledge dormant within the soul and achieving emotional and mental balance through spiritual development. Each share the same goal, which is reaching the highest available state of Enlightenment. However easy it sounds, this process is one of much chaos and confusion. There are not many people, today, aware of their ability to tap into, control and master the full benefits of their conscious mind, let alone possess the capability to journey into the mind of the sub-conscious.

Once the journey into the sub-conscious begins, there will be no turning back. It will be this full-out war of personality against spirit. The spirit will purify the environment of the personality through much-needed cleansing of any information founded upon corruption, manipulation or deception. This includes any/all information forced into the left hemisphere from external resources (education/religion) based off nothing but false knowledge and alternative beliefs. Following the footsteps of such resources will cause the individual to become limited in reaching his/her full potential.

Discovering one’s full potential will take plenty of confidence, as confidence is key in proper emotional, mental and spiritual development. Confidence is the only way one can trust their inner voice over the voice of alternate external influences. This is why it is important for one to master discernment, because it will aid in easily identifying the voice of the soul.

The moment one realizes the deception behind the manipulation of corrupted knowledge, he/she will awaken. This awakening process is the start of an individual journey occurring deep within the back of the mind. Within this state of mind he/she may have to depend solely on their intuition as a form of guidance. As one ventures further into their sub-conscious mind their awareness will begin to expand and in return will trigger a raise in consciousness. For one to reach higher states of consciousness, he/she must fully adapt to perceive all with curiosity without an ounce of judgement or the need of logical reassurance.

The reason for any spiritual journey is based upon the foundation of finding the truth behind God, the existence of man and where they both stand within the cosmic flow of universal consciousness. The goal is not only in successfully making it through the darkness and finding the light. It is also about what all occupied the still of the darkness and how the darkness is what led us to illumination. The most beneficial treasure one can obtain from any journey is information to aid in the identification of the soul signature and blueprint.

Development of both the left and right hemisphere of the mind is key in linking the personality and the spirit. When the personality, conscious mind, and the spirit, unconscious mind, are linked together they will form a bridge for the soul. Anchoring the soul into the body will come at no easy cost, as it will take sacrifice and dedication. What is needed to be sacrificed depends solely on the individual soul. Each soul vibrates at its own unique frequency. Therefore, each soul has its own purpose for incarnating into the physical plane of human existence. What is your purpose, I wonder? Are you aware of your full potential?

Illumination of The Self

INTENSE ENERGY SPECTRUM – Mercury Retrograde/Sun in Leo

If you have yet to notice, these new energies entering Earth are rough. They are triggering parts of ourselves to awaken to it’s fullest through illumination of the shadow self, which is the evil twin of ourselves we have once shunned and now must acknowledge, examine, harmonize and embrace. We are not to judge this dark part of the self, as within this shadow self resides specific beneficial aspects that offer much needed assistance. We will understand more later, but for now we must be fully prepared for the path we are soon to take. All of this is being done subconsciously, which is manifesting itself into our conscious reality. At this time is when our capability of discernment will be tested. I assure you it will come in handy. This can seem intense, but it is happening for the purpose of cleansing out all the baggage, limited beliefs and corrupted knowledge to ensure a pure link in bridging the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

FINDING BALANCE – Harmonizing All Aspects of The Self
We live within a universe built upon duality. Therefore, we each need to understand the importance behind finding harmony and balance between the physical/spiritual, conscious/subconscious and masculine/feminine aspects of ourselves. It can be done. Believe in yourself with faith and trust. Know the path we each take is paved by our very soul. And, it was our very soul who ensured every step is to be guided by the higher planes.We are never alone. Assistance is always within the grasp of thought.

SERVICE TO OTHERS – Learning Potential of The Self

Judge not thyself, nor the self of another. Remember, the struggle of another can be easily resolved through the wisdom of another persons capability to offer guidance. If you have the ability to shine your light into the darkness of another, it may help them come to conclusions on what needs to be done in order to prevail.

Every time we help someone our vibrations raise, which allows for an upgrade in the energy spectrum able to be anchored into the physical body. In return, we are able to reach higher levels of consciousness, which is the key in experiencing multidimensionality. The spectrum of light radiates continuously from everyone and everything. All one has to do is call on the energy and it will flow as needed.

ANCHOR THE SPECTRUM – Aligning The Soul & Physical body

Tap into this energy merely by consciously enveloping yourself in the vibrational frequency of color through food, visualization, clothing, prana breathing, water, etc. Be unique in your endeavors and remember to share with others those techniques that are beneficial in terms of aligning the spirit with the body.

Utterly Exhausted

At this moment in my life I am at my weakest. I am at my darkest hour and at one point my thoughts were at their worse. This recent Mercury Retrograde has left me physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually exhausted. No longer do I possess strength within my mind, body nor my spirit. It seems like the days are no longer bright and the nights are darker than ever. What will come of this obstacle, which is drenched in a reality of pure insanity? Everything was once fine, but slowly everything began to crumble. The hole below my feet hesitated not once in burying everything I once was. My emotions are unstable, yet my mind is in overdrive. The strength of my soul is being tested to the max. I can survive this. I will survive this. I have to survive this.

– My recent 2 week journey into the dark night of my being was documented the whole way. What I have to share is sure to be enlightening. Stay tuned, my dear readers.


Things I’ve Experienced, Recently:

– I was left without electricity for 2 weeks

– Slept in a tent for a couple nights

– There was a couple days of starvation

– Family unconcerned with well-being


“Redefined soul anew, bow now with pride.
Reborn from the darkness, a man now wise.”

Tyler J. Hebert (05-28-2013)

Beyond Normal Psychic Abilities

We are spiritual beings living a physical life for the purpose of evolving spiritually by redefining physicality. ” – Tyler J. Hebert

I once believed I possessed the psychic/spiritual ability of Clairsentience, Clairempathy, Mediumship and Clairvoyance, but could there exist abilities stretching beyond normal psychic capabilities? I ask this, because after 2 years down the path of my spiritual journey I came to sense something more in relation to these so-called abilities and what we are being told. I believe that truth is hard to find and never would it ever be in reach of someone with such ease as to read it online or in a book. That would be too easy, which is why majority of people, including myself, find it so hard to understand the works of such abilities. Is it possible that enlightenment is basically mastering the use of one’s abilities?  What would be the treasure in reaching such a heighten state of knowing if we were given the answers ever so freely?

I believe that hard work and persistence is the only aid in discovering the hidden virtues within the universal energy of each individual soul. Only when we begin to learn what is needed of our personal service and attention will our reality start to take root within the universal vortex of all that is. The universe is our home. The universe is our source. The universe is our soul. The universe is the creator of our psychic abilities and they will manifest once we start to individually put the pieces of the puzzle making up our soul back together. When we begin to heal we release ourselves of stagnant energy and energy blockages, which will cause our vibrations to raise. Once our vibrations raise our physical body is then able to anchor and hold more light of our universal soul. It may be a long process, but it is so worth it, because the soul, itself, is where these abilities exist.

I have researched and studied Psychic and Spiritual Abilities. I even attended a University of Alternative Studies to help further understand my abilities. However, I did not finish the courses I was given due to my disbelief in the material being studied. I always follow my intuition and in all honesty I feel there is more to what we are being fed by the internet, along with all documented resources available to the public. But, why do I feel this way? What do I believe that these psychic abilities we can read about are only the foundation of much stronger abilities doormat inside each human being alive today?

Ever since my awakening I have yet to accumulate any kind of knowledge  to lead me to unveil the knowing of my abilities. To this day what I am able to perceive is still unknown and comes across to some as either impossible, or insane. Deep within I know I am sane and what I am able to experience is real. Deep inside I feel that what I’ve been through is something of great use for the future of humanities knowledge about the unknown. Who we are is more than we can ever put into words of logical thinking. We are more than a physical form. We are more than a beating heart. We are spiritual beings living a physical life for the purpose of evolving spiritually by redefining physicality.


Things I can SENSE & PERCEIVE beyond the physical realm:

– I can feel things entering the left side of my body

– I can feel things place their hands on my shoulders

– I can take a deep breath, blow out as hard and long as I can to feel energy moving out of my body

– I can feel things trying to enter my body through my backside. (The hole between my cheeks)

– I can sense the atmosphere change within a room

– I get goosebumps frequently and spontaneously

– I can feel pressure in my temporal lobes and sometimes around my neck

– My feet often times vibrate while being covered with tingling sensations

– I can see white specks of light all over the place while outside

– I see random orbs float in front of my vision (I’ve seen white orbs with either a blue or red trim)

– I often times see orbs when I meet up with random people

– I can feel the emotions and energy of others, which often times leaves me feeling depressed and helpless

– I can see white mist floating around objects, my hands and often times they can be seen floating freely outside

– I can look at something and then look away and see the imprint of what I looked away from in my vision (Often times Inverted)

Subtle Sensations: Temporal Lobes

I could feel this bizarre pressure going into both of my temporal lobes. It felt like fingers, yet they were subtle. No one was around me, but they felt so real. 


It was a beautiful night. The stars were shinning ever so brightly. Light from the moon gazed over my skin and illumined my very being. It was one of those nights were everything seemed so right, so peaceful and carefree. I took it upon myself to state within that I was now ready for my next encounter. I asked my higher self to aid in my spiritual development. At least, I thought I was ready. What I encountered, or should I say experienced, was short of something I’ve read before.

I sat on a chair, an iron chair, to be exact. My sister was next to me as we both occupied the still of the night. I remember hearing the birds chirping. Yes, the birds were singing their song at weird hours of the night. I reached for my pack of cigarettes and what I felt stopped me in my tracks. I honestly became frozen. All stood still, physically, but what was happening etherically, or energetically, avoided the pause. I felt something slide into my left  and right temples. It was so strange that I yelled at my sister. She jumped, as always when I experience something, and told me to relax. She reminded me that nothing is evil and what I was experiencing was for my growth. It was for my development. So, when her reassurance, I allowed it to happen.

The feeling stayed there. It felt almost as if there were to fingers, one in my left temple and the other in my right temple. I moved my head right and they remained. I moved my head to the left and, still, nothing changed. I was freaked. Panic came over me. This wasn’t normal, I thought. I am being controlled by something of the darkness. I hesitated in calling my guides, but managed to do so without causing myself to vibrate an alarming frequency. I was told that everything should be done with love. Yet, calling my guides and angels failed to being a difference in my encounter. Whatever it was remained. So, I took it upon myself to relax and thought about letting it control my head. What could possibly happen, right?

My sister and I went into the house and sat on the couch. She sat right next to me, as this stuff always keeps her on her toes. I asked her to ask a question. She took sometime to think. I demanded she hurry. She asked, “Are you evil?” I went numb and it moved my head back and then forward. My sister jumped and rain to my mother’s room. I wasn’t scared though. Something came over me to the point where I was at peace. I was okay with this being controlling my head. I started to ask questions.

I asked, “Are you an Ascended Master?”

It shook my head back and then forward.

I asked, “Are you a darkworker?”

It shook my head back and then forward.

I asked, “Are you here for my spiritual growth?”

It shook my head back and then forward.

I asked, “Am I a Lightworker?”

It shook my head back and then forward.

I asked, “Are you working for the light?”

It shook my head back and then forward.

I decided I was done with the questions, because I wasn’t sure if I already knew the answers to the questions, or if this being was just messing with me. I got up and went get some water. The feeling stayed there throughout the night and lasted for about a week, or so. The pressure on my temples got stronger and stronger with each day. At time I wouldn’t feel it and at times I would feel it worse than ever. At one point it felt like a helmet, or some kind of hat, was on my head. I am still curious to know what this was all about and what it actually happened.

Has anyone ever experienced anything like this before? My temples never got warm or cold. They just has the feeling of something being stuck within them.

I will write shortly about when this feeling got even worse and what it took for it to go away..

Channeling Erik

Channeling Erik
Check out this amazing blog! When I first had my awakening, this blog was there for comfort. I have no idea how I found it, or how I was lead to it, but I found it. Erik truly has an amazing soul, as you will find out from reading the story behind this blog. You will find relevant knowledge and useful information channeled from well-known deceased souls. CHECK IT OUT!
Love you Erik!

The Crab

So, funny story, my brother and I are cleaning his house. I went to open the pantry door and guess what I see in the corner on the floor? A little baby crab. Yes, a crab! How funny! I know our Angels and Guides send us messages all the time through the form of symbolism. So, I went research the symbolism for a crab and this is what I found:

Crab animal symbolism includes attributes, such as:
– Cycles

As an animal totem, the crab’s ambulation is noteworthy. Never taking a direct (forward, or head-on) route, the crab makes its way on land with a sideways tap-dance.

This is a reminder that not all paths are direct and not all ways will be forthcoming in their meaning. When you are moving in a certain direction, and you feel a bit misguided, call upon the travel-savvy crab. She will guide you in an unorthodox way – taking lesser known paths of least resistance and bring you to clarity.

The crab reminds us that we may live within the diversity of this world with the preparedness of a warrior (wearing armor), but we are born with this preparedness – we do not have to guard or defend ourselves on purpose.

In other words, when we relax and move in the waves of well-being – moving in the natural flow of things, we have no need for defense. All of our needs are met, and we are divinely cared for.

There’s a reason for the old adage: “happy as a crab.” It’s because the crab is content to move with the natural cadence of the moon, the water, the land, and the perfect rhythm of nature. We would do well to follow her lead.

How funny is that! Another coincidence? I doubt it.

Always stay aware of the messages we are sent, as our Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters are always speaking to us.

Thought you all would enjoy this..

Have any of you experienced a random animal encounter?

Love and Light,

Tyler Hebert :)(:

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