The Reality of One

One Person. One Journey. One Unknown Outcome.


4th Dimension

Just Thinking..

I can justify the meaning behind goosebumps to be more than just something scientific. Every time I get the goosebumps I am left with the touch of something beyond the physical upon my skin. Somehow when we align our energy... Continue Reading →


Where There Is Light, There Is Dark

As of now most of you are now aware of the shift. It is being felt more and more as Earth continues to shift into higher dimensions. Majority of you are becoming aware of those whom are rising in consciousness... Continue Reading →

The Mysterious Hand On My Head

Spirit Encounter #3 "The Mysterious Hand On My Head" It was late one night.¬† I was researching on my computer, like I always do, when I felt the atmosphere in my room change. I can always sense when things like... Continue Reading →

Keep Ignoring Those Negative Vibrations!

Keep Ignoring Those Negative Vibrations! Stay Positive! Even the enlightened will forever be tested on the strength of their vibrations. They will be tested on the power of their faith and awareness. Each day will forever bring us obstacles that... Continue Reading →

New 4th Dimensional Earth

Earth Is Transforming Into A 4th Dimensional Planet¬† Philosophized by Tyler Hebert As many of you have heard, Earth will be shifting into a 4th Dimensional Planet. Earth, for many of years, has had access into higher dimensions, such as... Continue Reading →

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