Just Thinking..

I can justify the meaning behind goosebumps to be more than just something scientific. Every time I get the goosebumps I am left with the touch of something beyond the physical upon my skin. Somehow when we align our energy bodies with our physical the existence behind certain sensations are illumined. They are shown to be more than what we once knew or thought. The existence of man can no longer be determined as something simple when the soul has the ability to be multidimensional. Our material reality is merely one reality coexisting with our multiple dimensional bodies. Often times when we dream we are basically exploring another part of ourselves that happens to exist within another dimension, whether it be past, present or future. This happens because time has no play on what is now or later, because now is later and later is now within the space of everything that is present…


Just thinking…

Where There Is Light, There Is Dark


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The Mysterious Hand On My Head


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Keep Ignoring Those Negative Vibrations!

Keep Ignoring Those Negative Vibrations! Stay Positive!

Even the enlightened will forever be tested on the strength of their vibrations. They will be tested on the power of their faith and awareness. Each day will forever bring us obstacles that will test the value of our will to reach that higher level of consciousness.
Earth will evolve and will only take with it the vibrations that match her own.

At this time, in life, it must be said, that we are being tested on our will to evolve. It is happening more and more each day as we are coming closer to the shifting of Earth into the New Earth. There are some people who wish to not see Earth evolve in a higher dimension. They know they can only exist if Earth stays in the 3rd Dimension, because they are unable to reach higher consciousness. If Earth does shift into the 4th Density, which is 4th & 5th Dimension, and it will, they will no longer be able to exist on our plane of existence. Their vibrations will not match the vibrations of the New Earth, as the gravity on earth will change. This is why it is extremely important that we raise our vibrations and consciousness.

If this is not true, then why have I been going through ascension for over a year now? Why does it feel as though I have no angry bone in my body? Why am I now able to channel knowledge through writing that ends up being articles that spread enlightenment and awareness?

Earth will only evolve if our vibrations raise to the level in which will manifest it. You see, our minds are more powerful than you think. What we perceive to be of truth has the power to manifest into our reality and this shift only happens every 3800 Years. If we fail to evolve, we will have to wait another 3800 Years. Earth has already tapped into the 4th Dimension, as some of you already have knowledge of (I am sure most of you are going through ascension without even knowing). However, Earth is now waiting for us to raise our vibrations and give her the go to reach the 5th Dimension. This shift can happen at anytime. It can happen a few weeks from now, or even in a couple of years. The shift will come out of nowhere, and, with it, will come the extreme test of our vibrations. We will encounter natural disasters that will make way for a new plane of existence. With New Earth will come a new look, a new way of living, new levels of consciousness, along with many other things.

New Earth will rotate with the new Law of One.

Negative vibrations are spreading vastly and are showing up where you least accept them. Just as our positive vibrations are raising, their lower vibrations are gaining strength. They are here to lower our vibrations, because they wish to see us fail. These lower vibrations can be felt from people in our family, friends, neighbors, or even from people on our social networks. They are everywhere. They are seen and felt as negative people who view things only in a pessimistic way. I urge you to just turn away. Show them that your vibrations are more powerful than their negative vibrations, by staying positive.

Remember, Light will forever conquer the dark.

I want you each to know, that no matter what comes our way, we must stay positive. We must stand our ground firm with our heart. Prove that we will always be much stronger than they are. Keep your heart beating, and shining, because the heart is the temple for our soul. The soul itself has no need to prove anything to anyone. The only purpose of our soul is to prove its value and will to raise its consciousness and to help Earth evolve. Once you raise your consciousness you will come to understand what it is that I am stating.

Will yourself to raise your level of consciousness. Will yourself to evolve spiritually. Tell yourself you are ready to help with the transitioning of Earths evolution. All one has to do is ask. If we are never to ask for the answers they will never come, just as sitting confused in a classroom. We must raise our hand and ask for assistance, just as we must do with the raising of our consciousness. Does this make sense?

Even the enlightened will forever be tested on the strength of their vibrations. They will be tested on the power of their faith and awareness. Each day will forever bring us obstacles that will test the value of our will to reach that higher level of consciousness.

Never Give Up!
Never Give In!
Keep That Head Up!
Keep That Heart Shining!

Keep those positive vibrations awakening those around you. In your heart, if you believe something to be of truth, go with it. I want everyone to know that no matter how you feel you are never alone. I want you all to know that not everyone will believe in your beliefs, but that is okay. Look at everything as a spiritual test. It is the level of our spirituality that matters once we pass over to the spiritual world. We are not graded by how much money we may have gained, how successful we were, the size of our house, or if we were inspirational or motivational. We are graded on how we helped another with reaching higher levels in their spiritual quest to reach higher consciousness. We are graded on how we lived through our soul, or heart, to bring about awareness to one. We are graded on how many times we made someone smile. We are graded on how many times we healed a soul and brought with it a change of perception.

New 4th Dimensional Earth

Earth Is Transforming Into A 4th Dimensional Planet 

Philosophized by Tyler Hebert

As many of you have heard, Earth will be shifting into a 4th Dimensional Planet. Earth, for many of years, has had access into higher dimensions, such as 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th. However, everyone will evolve into a 4th Dimensional Consciousness. This solely means our consciousness will shift from “Service To Self” (3D) into “Service To Others” (4D). For those whom already experience 4th Dimensional consciousness will evolve into a 5th Dimensional Consciousness. This means they will shift from “Service To Others” into “Service To Love”.

Allow me to explain in the simplest way I can. Bare with me.

Earth is a 3rd Dimensional planet, which means the physical plane is a 3rd Dimension. Being a 3rd Dimensional planet leaves Earths inhabitants with a consciousness of everything up to the 3rd and some to the 4th Dimension. However, a 3rd Dimensional consciousness can not view the 4th Dimension. The 4th Dimension being the spiritual plane. This is why some people can experience the sight of spirits, while others are not able to, because spirits reside on the 4th Dimension. So, when the Earth makes it’s shift into a higher dimension we will all have access into the 4th Dimension, because our consciousness will rise into a 4th Dimensional Consciousness. Therefore we will all evolve into more spiritual beings. We will have direct access to our soul, spirit guides, guardian angels, past life wisdom, past life knowledge, past life creativity, etc. Exciting right?

Still confused?

Okay, so I am sure most of you have found yourselves in self-reflection, or self-realization. This a process we go through that makes us scavenge through our past to appreciate our present and organize our future. During this process some people probably have finally realized that each struggle helped shape who they are and provided them understanding of their worth, along with realizing their true soul purpose. This process deals with the ending of “Service To Self”, which you have mastered. Therefore you are preparing yourself for the shift of consciousness into “Service To Others.” You are becoming more open to your spiritual reality, rather than just being open to your physical reality. This means you are becoming connected to everyone around you and not just to yourself. You are more open to the soul of another person rather than just seeing them as another human.
Is your consciousness shifting into a higher dimension? (See if you can relate to any of these questions.)

-Have you found yourself doing nice things for other’s? (You are beginning to acknowledge and understand the needs of others and how they are more important than those of your own.)

-Have you noticed who people really are on a soul level? (You are finally seeing people for who they are without judging their physical appearance.)

-Have you found yourself separating yourself from people, friends and family, whom you feel are no longer of good service to your new level of consciousness? (Not in a mean way, but realistic. You are realizing who is bringing you down and who is lifting you up. It is all about vibrations.)

-Have you noticed how you are eating foods you may have never enjoyed? (Your body is choosing food that is more right for you body. You are becoming aware of foods that are healthy, for your physical and energetic body. As the physical body does determine the health of the energetic body, which is the spiritual body.)

-Have you noticed how your body is becoming more sensitive to energy around you? (Your body is growing spiritually, which means you are connecting with people on a energy level where you are able to feel their energy more.)

-Have you started to feel things touching you, or hearing voices, without having a physical presence there? (These are the spirits on the 4th Dimension interacting with you. They are not to fear. These spirits can be deceased loved ones, guardian angels, spirit guides, etc.)

There are many more symptoms of ascension, such as physical rashes(detoxing of the body from toxins consumed), fatigue (The soul reconnecting to the physical body), nausea (From food the body rejects, can no longer consume.), headaches (From the opening of third eye), etc. These are the most common. I must remind you that each person will experience different symptoms. No ascension is the same, because we are all different.

**I must add that spirits with low frequencies can not interact with someone with a 4th dimensional consciousness. So, do not be alarmed. The 4th Dimensional consciousness is a person with higher vibrations, or higher frequencies, than those spirits whose vibrations do not match our own.**
What happens to the people who do not shift their consciousness?

Okay, before being incarnated, we either sign a soul contract to be here on Earth to experience the shift of consciousness, or we decided to live only to experience the 3rd Dimension. For those whom signed to only experience the 3rd will not have a shift in consciousness, which means they will not being to interact with those on the 4th Dimension. However, those on the 4th Dimension will have the opportunity to interact with those on the 3rd, just as spirits have interacted with us before the shift. Does this make sense?

There are some people who speak that anyone whom does not experience the shift will be brought back into the spirit world. In the spirit world they will study and learn about 4th Dimensional living. Once they raise their vibrations they will eventually be incarnated back to Earth after it has made its full transformation into a universal law of one, which I will speak of soon.

In my next article I will explain more on 4th & 5th Dimensional Consciousness, Universal Laws and The Energetic Body.

If anyone has questions, or concerns, please feel free to contact me. Thebert86@yahoo.com