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Astral Projection: Attempt 1



After some research on the subject of Astral Projection, I got inspired. It seems as though it is something one must experience to understand how amazing it is. So, I decided to experience it for myself. The basics of Astral Projection is to have your body fall asleep while the conscious is awake. It is very similar to meditating.

I picked up my Blue Kyanite crystal, along with my Hermiker Diamond. Supposedly, blue kyanite places a force field around the Aura to protect the wearer in the Astral realm. To ensure my safety, I placed my blue kyanite around my neck and held my hermiker diamond in my left hand. I placed myself upon my bed with my arms next to my side, palms up. I cleared my mind of any thoughts and politely asked my spirit guides, the ascended masters and my guardian angels to assist and protect me during this exercise. I was now ready to begin.

I began my regular breathing exercises to get my body to a relaxed state. I inhale through nose, imagine the number 1, hold it, then exhale through my mouth.  I do this three times, or until I feel my feet began to tingle. This sensation is great, because it feels as though energy is moving out of my body and into the area around me. Once I felt this, I was ready to move on.

I continued breathing, but keeping it to a slow conscious breathing. It wasn’t long after that I felt my hands begin to pulsate. They were becoming heavy, as though they were filling with energy. My herkimer diamond began to rock back and forth within my palm. It rocked left, then right and then switched to rocking up and then down. This usually happens when I find myself at a very relaxed state. I guess the crystal just connects to the energy flow. I embraced this sensation and put my focus on my whole body. I examined every part of my body to see if I had any energy blockages. Just I put my focus on my feet, the whole top of my body began to tingle as it became weightless. I was in shock. Was I about to astral project?

My bed then became a bench for observers because I must have felt at least 3 spirits sit down next to me. It seems they always love it when I indulge in things that deal with the progression of my soul discovery.

I reminded myself to stop thinking, which is the left side of the brain. I cleared all thought and left my inner vision all black without substance. I then felt a spirit sit next to my head. He/she placed, what felt like, headphones on my head. When things like this happens I always become alarmed, but remind myself I shall not fear. I took another deep breath and relaxed. Whatever was happening was intentional for a purpose. So, I allowed the progress of the encounter to continue.

My right ear began to ring. It wasn’t a normal ringing noise, but more of a binarual beat sound. It was so loud that is vibrated the whole right side of my head. This had never happened before.

On the left side of my face I began to feel something pricking me. It felt as though 3 sharp needles where being stuck into my cheek. The pain was there. It was felt, but something told me to remain calm. So, I did. This lasted for a couple of seconds. I would say 30 seconds, or so. However, it felt like forever.

I then felt something sticking into my neck. This wasn’t a pricking sensation. It was more of something going into my neck and down my throat. Very weird, I know. I envisioned a hand going down into my body and squeezing my heart. But, it wasn’t done with aggression. It was gentle, as though it was triggering my heart to beat. Fantastic experience.

My body then began to vibrate at an extreme rate. It wasn’t my bed vibrating, but just my body. I tried so hard not to lose focus on my goal. I tried so hard to stay relaxed and focused. The vibrations got more and more intense. I was becoming numb and my soul felt like it was being pulled or tugged at. Fear rushed over me. I panicked and then it quickly subsided..

I was almost there, but it seems I still have things to work on. I will try again soon.


Subtle Sensations: Temporal Lobes

I could feel this bizarre pressure going into both of my temporal lobes. It felt like fingers, yet they were subtle. No one was around me, but they felt so real. 


It was a beautiful night. The stars were shinning ever so brightly. Light from the moon gazed over my skin and illumined my very being. It was one of those nights were everything seemed so right, so peaceful and carefree. I took it upon myself to state within that I was now ready for my next encounter. I asked my higher self to aid in my spiritual development. At least, I thought I was ready. What I encountered, or should I say experienced, was short of something I’ve read before.

I sat on a chair, an iron chair, to be exact. My sister was next to me as we both occupied the still of the night. I remember hearing the birds chirping. Yes, the birds were singing their song at weird hours of the night. I reached for my pack of cigarettes and what I felt stopped me in my tracks. I honestly became frozen. All stood still, physically, but what was happening etherically, or energetically, avoided the pause. I felt something slide into my left  and right temples. It was so strange that I yelled at my sister. She jumped, as always when I experience something, and told me to relax. She reminded me that nothing is evil and what I was experiencing was for my growth. It was for my development. So, when her reassurance, I allowed it to happen.

The feeling stayed there. It felt almost as if there were to fingers, one in my left temple and the other in my right temple. I moved my head right and they remained. I moved my head to the left and, still, nothing changed. I was freaked. Panic came over me. This wasn’t normal, I thought. I am being controlled by something of the darkness. I hesitated in calling my guides, but managed to do so without causing myself to vibrate an alarming frequency. I was told that everything should be done with love. Yet, calling my guides and angels failed to being a difference in my encounter. Whatever it was remained. So, I took it upon myself to relax and thought about letting it control my head. What could possibly happen, right?

My sister and I went into the house and sat on the couch. She sat right next to me, as this stuff always keeps her on her toes. I asked her to ask a question. She took sometime to think. I demanded she hurry. She asked, “Are you evil?” I went numb and it moved my head back and then forward. My sister jumped and rain to my mother’s room. I wasn’t scared though. Something came over me to the point where I was at peace. I was okay with this being controlling my head. I started to ask questions.

I asked, “Are you an Ascended Master?”

It shook my head back and then forward.

I asked, “Are you a darkworker?”

It shook my head back and then forward.

I asked, “Are you here for my spiritual growth?”

It shook my head back and then forward.

I asked, “Am I a Lightworker?”

It shook my head back and then forward.

I asked, “Are you working for the light?”

It shook my head back and then forward.

I decided I was done with the questions, because I wasn’t sure if I already knew the answers to the questions, or if this being was just messing with me. I got up and went get some water. The feeling stayed there throughout the night and lasted for about a week, or so. The pressure on my temples got stronger and stronger with each day. At time I wouldn’t feel it and at times I would feel it worse than ever. At one point it felt like a helmet, or some kind of hat, was on my head. I am still curious to know what this was all about and what it actually happened.

Has anyone ever experienced anything like this before? My temples never got warm or cold. They just has the feeling of something being stuck within them.

I will write shortly about when this feeling got even worse and what it took for it to go away..

Encounter: Psychic Death

Warning: This is based on an actual encounter experienced by myself, Tyler Hebert. This is a True Story. The story below may shock you, but please do not fear.
Solar Eye
Psychic Death, is a concept closely related to psychic progress. Many different psychic energies flow through the psychic, which causes the psychic to be cleared of all stagnant energy and is left feeling empty. The reward from psychic death is enlightenment – The sword which does not bend breaks.
I think it was two days ago. I went outside to meditate. I sat down, placed my crystals all around me and began my prana breathing. Before I could anchor myself to mother Earth, I opened my eyes and started seeing white mist flowing in the wind. I thought nothing of it, but it was everywhere. I’ve seen white midst before and figured it were just energies coming to witness an everyday meditation technique. I closed my eyes, again, and began envisioning my Root Chakra opening and spinning. Just as I did that the wind came at me with a strong force. My eyes opened without hesitation and all of a sudden these energies started coming at me. They would appear in front of me, as to make sure I noticed them. They would then come towards me with haste and run right through me. This happened for a while. I imagined myself surrounded by a ball of white light, but my focus wasn’t strong. I got light and started feeling cold. Something just wasn’t right.
I got scared and became overwhelmed with fear. This uncomfortable feeling ran throughout my body. I was confused and I didn’t feel safe. However, I didn’t get up. I brought my focus back to my breathing and continued surrounding myself with white light. The wind continued coming at me with force. With every burst of wind I was left feeling so light. It felt as though the wind was taking my energy from within me. In panic, I placed my hands on the ground to soak up energy from mother Earth. It was the only thing I could think of doing. But, as I did that, I felt the ground below me begin bubbling. The ground did not feel solid. I picked my hands up and looked at them only to see them pulsating at an extreme measure. The veins running down my arm looked abnormal. They each showcased what looked like something moving throughout them. Then this dead smell came over me. It smelt like dead fish, but why? Where was this smell coming from? Could it be, I, who smells dead?
The smell was horrible and hard to bear. It was similar to the smell of dead fish. It came from out of no where and I didn’t know why I was smelling it. My body was getting colder and colder with the second. Something didn’t seem right. I should not be cold, as it is hot outside. I should not be smelling anything dead, because nothing was dead around me. I thought to myself that everything was going to be okay. I was safe and in the light. Nothing could harm me. Or, at least I though so.
All of a sudden, I fly landed on my right knee. I swiped it away. Then another fly landed on my other knee. I swiped that one away. Then, both flies came back and placed themselves where they were just moments before. I swiped both of them away with fear. We all know that when it comes to flies they never really symbolize anything good. The thought of what my friend had mentioned about them in the past came to surface in my mind. She had told me that demons take the shape of flies. It was that moment when I realized I was the one that smelt dead. I got up and ran to the porch. I was nervous and scared, because I didn’t know if a dark soul or evil entity jumped into my body, or not. The dogs were all smelling me, as if they could sense the dead smell too. I grabbed my crystal around my neck and it was ice-cold. Usually when crystals are worn they stay warm. I put my hand on my heart and it was faint. I felt so weak.
I took my right hand and began tapping at my Heart Chakra. It seemed as though tapping it would keep my heart beating. When I would stop tapping it my heart beat would get faint. At one point my heart beat was felt below my rib cage. Something wasn’t right. I got worried and scared for my life and told my brother to bring me to a church. We got to the church and there was no pastor to be found. The thought of death overcame me. I figured I was going to die. My heart was still faint as before and I had nowhere to turn. I went back into the Church, sat down in front of Jesus and began praying. The energies I had seen earlier had followed me inside the church. They were still swarming around my being, but never did I stop praying. I called upon the archangels and reassured myself that I was going to be alright. It was all I could do.
A long story short, it was something I never want to experience ever again. What I failed to realize was how my faith in God wasn’t there. How my faith in my angels wasn’t there. The only thing that overtook me was fear. It was a test of perception of duality. We are tested daily on our beliefs and perception of love. When we fear we create evil. When we love we create light.  If I had not let fear overcome me I would have known I was just being cleared out for the next step of my soul development. This is why we are not to fear. See love in everything. But, we all know that the mind is a very powerful thing. One that is always being developed and reprogrammed.

Soul Challenges

The First Challenge of the soul deals with childhood. During this time the soul has to bring the physical, mental and emotional bodies in alignment with the spiritual in order to reveal as much as possible about the individual energy signature in which they embody, along with all of its inhabitants. Some of the soul inhabitants are associated with innate creative talents, unveiling and revealing the importance for independent thinking, defining the soul and its individual identity and so on. This is to be done before the child falls victim to corruption and deception. Our childhood is a very important time in the development of the soul, as it during this time when our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies are in perfect alignment with our higher-self.

The Second Challenge of the soul deals with puberty and adolescence. This is the time when the mental, emotional and physical body will begin to fall victim to corruption, manipulation and deception. It is the time when teenagers begin rebelling against authority. This is a time when, if as a child the soul failed to distinguish its identity, the physical aspect of self will then begin to seek out the defining of their being through external approval and acceptance. Majority of people around this age fail to go within to find reassurance, because they have no other choice but to lean on the reassurance externally in order to provide the defining of their identity. This will totally have the person become superficial and detached from the true essence of their soul identity. If the soul has to experience anything to this extreme it asked for more than it bargained for, because the physical, emotional and mental, are now fully dependent on the material for everything. This will eventually put a strain on the soul and cause it to become totally disconnected from the other aspects of the self, which in time will cause the entire spiritual body to be buried deep within and remain dormant for the time being.

The soul already knows of any side tracks that are to be taken by the physical body. The soul will have this occur to have recovering back complete control of the physical to be much more of a challenging struggle. The soul is aware of what it is capable of. The actual struggle is getting the physical, mental and emotional bodies to fully confide and then accept the spiritual aspect of the self to be necessary in order to stabilize the link connecting to the higher-self.

The Third Challenge of the soul deals with the years when one is a young adult. This time is much easier, and is usually the time when the soul allows the physical to explore various careers, jobs, subjects of education, artistic endeavors and so on. During this time the soul will try at all cost to guide the physical being to things that deal with their soul desires and hearts passions. This could be either a hard time, or it could be a smooth bump-less ride. It all depends on one’s level of consciousness, dealing with the mental body, the amount of unhealed wounds in the form of energy blockages, deals with the emotional body, and last but not least, how aware one if of their self-worth, self-respect, self-appreciation and self-love, along with their level of confidence in being able to identify the essence of their true-self.
The moment you decide to listen will be the moment you find out more about yourself than you probably wish to acknowledge.

First Connection With Spirit

My First Connection With Spirit 

The Spirit Reader”

by:  Tyler J. Hebert

Last night my sister and I decided to go out and have dinner on the town. It has been sometime since we’ve both been staying with my brother in Lake Charles and we figured it would be nice to go see what this town was all about. We were driving around with no destination in mind. We both agreed that we would stop at the place that caught our eye. Well, we spent about an hour driving around. Time was going by and we had yet to eat. I decided to turn around and head back up the road we had just driven down. I figured we might have overlooked a restaurant, since there were so many.

Not soon after, my sister yells, “A Spirit Reader!”

I quickly turned the wheel to the right and ended up going through the poor woman’s yard. I’m guessing that the vehicle I was in had left behind tracking of our eagerness of her service. When I parked the car my sister said, “Wait, I don’t know if I am ready.” I replied, “You wouldn’t have yelled out, Spirit Reader, if we weren’t meant to be here.” She agreed and we got down and knocked on the door. Well, at first I rang the door bell. No one came. I rang it again. Still, no-show of someone being within the building. My sister suggested I knock. So, I did. The door opened and there stood a young lady.

Her hair was golden-yellow and twisted in a bun. She looked as if she had been working hard all day and just wanted to relax. Her dress was that of the color coral, which contrasted with her hair and fair skin so perfectly. Her voice was soft and gentle. It was very inviting. She stated, “Yes, can I help you?” From there my sister and I walked on in and began speaking with the lady. While my sister and she were conversing, I decided to go within and get a sense for the atmosphere of the house.

The atmosphere was thick and cloudy. I felt heavy, but lifted at the same time. I then felt my guide put his hands on my shoulders. At this moment I knew I was at the right place at the right time. I then decided to quiz the woman to get a feel for her expertise. I asked how old she was and she told me she was 27. I quickly replied, like I always do with haste, OMG, I am 26.

My answer was irrelevant, but still, I like that she was around my age. I asked her when she first realized she had a gift. She said that it runs in her family genetically and she first noticed when she was about 5. She, also said, that she could see auras and peoples energy. This excited me, as I have only had one person whom was able to visually see someone standing behind me. I took this as the perfect time to ask if she could aid my knowledge on the appearance of my spirit guide.

I asked, “Can you tell me who is standing behind me at this very moment?”

She replied, “I do not sense anyone who is there all the time. She said it is not a family member watching over you. She said but I do sense that you are a very heart loving person.”

Her answer meant nothing to me, as I already know what she informed me of. I was bummed. I felt as though my spirit guide was applauding her incompetence in answering my question.

Time went on and she asked for me to wait in her living room, while she took my sister to the back for her reading. Yes, the woman does business out of her home. I sat in the first chair I seen, which was one of two, not including the couch or the love seat. I do not know why I chose that chair, but I did. I sat down in it and crossed one leg over the other and placed my arms on the arms of the chair. I honestly looked like a king on a throne. The chair I was in made me feel so content and powerful. My chin was up and my confidence was the same.

I decided to look around and get more of a feel for her home. After a few seconds I began feeling more comfortable. I felt as though I lived in this home, like I had been there before. I was extremely content to a point where I had no ounce of worries or problems within. I was not myself. I felt energy all around me coming from around my arms and shoulders. It was not my guide, because my guide has this energy that has no temperature.

So, I went in again and asked a couple of questions, “Is there someone around me whom this home is their place of residence?”

I felt two hands then caress both of my biceps. That confirmed it was not my guide, as my guide or guardian angel know that they touch my right shoulder for yes and left shoulder for no.

“Are you here to watch over the people within this home? If so, tug at my shirt sleeves.”, I quickly muttered internally.

The spirit then started tugging at my left sleeve. Then he tugged my right one. He tugged my left one and then my right again. The spirit was standing behind me and at that moment I realized that I felt content merely because his energy body was combining with my own. It was so strong that it overpowered my own and allowed me to feel exactly how the spirit was feeling.

My sister then came out, along with the lady, and she asked if I was ready. I told her that I was not there for a reading. I told her that I was there for another reason. She looked confused. I then took it upon myself to tell her how I was able to sense energy from beyond the physical. I then told her that I connected and felt someone here that may have lived in this home before.

She softly replied, “Yes, my husbands father just passed away. This was his home.”

I told her that I could sense the energy there and it wanted me to let her know that he was there watching over her, her husband and her children.

She looked at me with a gaze and spoke these words, “I always felt like someone was here, but I just didn’t know who it was. I am glad you told me that and I will surely tell my husband. Thank you.”

I then thanked the woman for her time and her hospitality. My sister and I got into the vehicle and we went on our way. It was a great night and I felt content and so confidence for about an hour afterwards. After sometime I went back to feeling like my everyday self.

It was just another weird encounter. I await my next..

Mercury Retrograde: Symptoms

These are things I encountered during the Mercury Retrograde (2/24/13 – 2/26/13)



– Extra sensitivity to cold and hot

– Goosebumps manifesting from the bottom of my spine all the way to the bottom of my throat

– Pain in my left  liver

– Pressure in both of my temples, like two fingers were placed inside of them. (When I relaxed and let go, of control over my body, the fingers would control my head moment. If I asked questions  my head would rock back and forth and side to side.)

– Patches of energy sticking to my physical body

– The feeling of energy entering through the left side of my body

– Seeing objects as light energy during the day and at night

– Seeing white transparent fog everywhere through my physical eyes

– Emotions of fearlessness and peacefulness

– Sensitivity to vibrational energy

– Channeling cold energy into my palms and finger tips

– Coldness within the center of my chest

– Choking sensation in my throat


These are a few.  I will add to this list soon, as my complete list is in my journal.

Did anyone of you have any odd or unexplained experiences during the Mercury Retrograde? If so, please share them with me.

Channeled Painting #1

I want everyone to understand that I have never painted anything ever before. My friend came over one night and she brought over her painting supplies. She wanted to have a night of creative endeavors.  I was unsure about it at first, but I gave in and agreed to try it out. I began thinking of things to paint, like landscapes and abstract. They kept coming out looking awful. I stated to my friend that I was horrible at painting and I was throwing in the white flag. She demanded I try again, but to try something painting something different. So, I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and told my spirits guides to aid my next attempt. I opened my eyes, grabbed the black paint and began painting. I was no longer thinking. My body was moving with haste. I was conscious and fully aware of what was happening. It was at though I was painting something, but wasn’t sure what I was trying to manifest. After sometime the image was coming together. I was painting a face. The face was actually very detailed. I actually remember telling myself in my head, “Wow, am I really painting this?” It was funny, because my friend kept looking at my work, but I didn’t acknowledge her, because I didn’t want to lose focus. I kept painting. When the painting came to a stop, the image was shocking. It had this connection with me. There was just something about it that touched me on a level I can’t comprehend at this moment. I am still unsure of this face’s identity, but it has manifested itself into my reality. Is it for a reason? I am hoping to find out soon. Would I be able to paint something like this again? I have no idea, because I have never tried again. So, does this mean that I am able to channel art? Is this one of my hidden talents? What is your thought? Take a look for yourself. The painting is posted below:

Channeled painting of a spiritual being.
Channeled painting of a spiritual being.

Mysterious Hand Print

For the second time, I looked to my mirror to see another hand print upon the glass. This happened awhile back. I would say about 2 months prior to my awakening. It was about the same time when I started hearing my name being called in the middle of the night. However, this time I could see something foggy in my peripheral vision. When I looked to check it out, I noticed the hand print in the mirror. To make sure it wasn’t from someone of my family playing a joke on me, I went and placed my hand upon the glass. I wanted to see if it would match the print of what was already there. It didn’t match. My hand print was lighter and lacked the detail that of the one filled with much detail. How do they do this? How are they able to leave behind, not only hand prints, but detailed finger prints. I mean it looks exactly like a human hand print.

Has anyone else had this happen to them? Have you been left a sign of the presence of someone in another dimension of reality?

Arcturian Message, “Huron”

This is a channeled message from my Primary Spirit-Guide, Huron( hu-ran)

Description: Beautiful light-being radiating white light. He looks like a painting of a Greek God.

Sounds: Beautiful Music

Location:  Beautiful Star

“I am so pleased to be here and to be formally introduced. My name is Huron. I come from a different planet than the one you reside upon. We are connected you and I. This is because we originate from the same place. It is a Star not even seen in your solar system. It is a place of healers. When it was being spoken that many of the gems and crystals come from other planets and stars, some came from this place. This is why you live on Earth. One of the reasons that you feel an attraction to certain stones. The place we come from has many healers and has beauty everywhere. There is harmony and that is what you wish for your life on the earth. You chose a tough life. You had no idea how hard it was going to be or you may have chosen something different. But, you are bringing the peace of beauty. A piece of where you come from to that place called Earth. It needs it. There is such disharmony on your planet. There is such conflict of information. It’s hard for me to understand since we come from a place of truth and beauty. So, I am here with you and I am saying as much as I am teaching I am learning from you. And, You are a light being, of course. You are probably wondering how we know each other? Well, I am sure you are aware of the knowing that resides deep within your being. You have always had this knowing. We would be brothers on Earth.  So, there is that connection. We have known each other before. We have spent many lifetimes together.”

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