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Astral Projection: Attempt 1

  After some research on the subject of Astral Projection, I got inspired. It seems as though it is something one must experience to understand how amazing it is. So, I decided to experience it for myself. The basics of... Continue Reading →


Subtle Sensations: Temporal Lobes

I could feel this bizarre pressure going into both of my temporal lobes. It felt like fingers, yet they were subtle. No one was around me, but they felt so real.  It was a beautiful night. The stars were shinning... Continue Reading →

Encounter: Psychic Death

Warning: This is based on an actual encounter experienced by myself, Tyler Hebert. This is a True Story. The story below may shock you, but please do not fear. Psychic Death, is a concept closely related to psychic progress. Many different... Continue Reading →

Soul Challenges

The First Challenge of the soul deals with childhood. During this time the soul has to bring the physical, mental and emotional bodies in alignment with the spiritual in order to reveal as much as possible about the individual energy... Continue Reading →

First Connection With Spirit

My First Connection With Spirit  "The Spirit Reader" by:  Tyler J. Hebert Last night my sister and I decided to go out and have dinner on the town. It has been sometime since we've both been staying with my brother... Continue Reading →

Mercury Retrograde: Symptoms

These are things I encountered during the Mercury Retrograde (2/24/13 - 2/26/13)   ASCENSION SYMPTOMS: - Extra sensitivity to cold and hot - Goosebumps manifesting from the bottom of my spine all the way to the bottom of my throat... Continue Reading →

Channeled Painting #1

I want everyone to understand that I have never painted anything ever before. My friend came over one night and she brought over her painting supplies. She wanted to have a night of creative endeavors.  I was unsure about it... Continue Reading →

Mysterious Hand Print

For the second time, I looked to my mirror to see another hand print upon the glass. This happened awhile back. I would say about 2 months prior to my awakening. It was about the same time when I started... Continue Reading →

Arcturian Message, “Huron”

This is a channeled message from my Primary Spirit-Guide, Huron( hu-ran) Description: Beautiful light-being radiating white light. He looks like a painting of a Greek God. Sounds: Beautiful Music Location:  Beautiful Star "I am so pleased to be here and... Continue Reading →

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