One Person. One Journey. One Unknown Outcome.

Tyler Hebert

Welcome, my name is TYLER HEBERT.

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I experienced my Awakening in the year of 2010. Ever since my life has never been the same.

To define who I am through words would be a waste, as I change on a daily basis. Who I was two years ago is short of who I am at this very moment. But, why  is this? Why is it that I spend most of my time trying to define who I am? Is there even an accurate definition?  There are times when I think I have the answer and then the universe sends me a curve ball which leaves me only to rethink my probable conclusion.

Think of my life as some sort of science project. My existence is to be determined through experimentation. Everything is tested to provide a reasoning behind the occurrence for that encounter. My analysis is found within all that I experience. Every person I see, every thing I touch, all that is felt are all used as research to determine the value of my hypothesis. However, I tend to over analyze everything, which makes my life an never-ending exam. My curse of over thinking must come from my zodiac sun sign as a Virgo. But, there is a plus, as I make sure to gain as much knowledge as I can, when I can, wherever I can.

Every area of life is my interest of study. There is not much that I would not endeavor. As I am the holder of various innate talents. This makes me assume that my soul has spent lifetimes in the past exploring all areas of life for the main reason of self-discovery, as I am doing now. I possess the soul of an artist, as I am a person whom lives through self-expression. To speak on behalf of my emotions is not likely. My emotions are kept within until I find myself alone. It is within solitude that I fully open up to express how I truly feel. Most people find this to be a form of insecurity, but it just comes naturally to me. How I choose to express myself is something another must, not only accept, but embrace. I may be a little on the odd side, but that is what makes for such a unique quality to possess. I think that for me to see the world through eyes that view only for self-exploration is quite fascinating.

I am an Autodidact. Everything I know is self-taught. Please, do not think I stated that for the reason of an ego-boost. That was not my intention. I just find that I learn better on my own. Plus, I am able to learn at my own pace without time limiting my range of knowledge on a certain subject of interest. The use of time is why nothing from school still resides within my mind, as I always found school to be a waste of time. What got me through school was mainly luck , along with a tad bit of memorization. Isn’t it wonderful, how the mind, when mastered, can be used for many advantages. When the mind is not mastered, well, it’s obvious to know the consequences.

My conscious has always been the leader of my whole being. The footprints it paved in the sand are those I felt compelled to follow. To most people, the footprints they follow are those of their parents, or guardians. But, to me, it was neither. The voice within my head had this wisdom with it that still today is unexplainable. However, once I reached a state of adolescence, I observed others and learned that the voice within the head is what labeled most insane. This made me question my obedience to this inner voice. It was then that I chose to lose touch with it, which made me obey the new voice of the ego. I swear, before then, I had no ego. Everything was accepted for what it was without the need of a reason.

My newly developed ego soon became my worst enemy. It got me into a life of partying and hard drug usage. At that moment, it was the life to live. I was popular. I had everything I wanted. Well, everything my ego wanted. It wasn’t soon after, probably about 4 years later, that my ego paved its way down a path into a state of extreme depression. Reality was no longer sought to be worthy of my existence. Life was no longer longed for, as I felt to be of no value to the rest of humanity. I needed an escape from the negative thoughts. I wanted to rid myself of the constant self-criticism. This darkness that I resided in had no sight of light. The windows within my mind were enveloped with metal bars and shutters. The only solution to finally end the torment was to take my own life. Seconds before I could pull the trigger, I was saved by someone. The sight of her concern quickly removed all that had once blocked the sight of light. The windows within finally allowed for light to shine through, which illumined a newly discovered value for myself.  My savior would be my mother. In appreciation, I promised myself I would forever be the sunshine in her life. The value of her life would be shown on a daily basis through whatever need be at any given moment.

My experience with depression was never one I wish had not occurred. If it were not for my depression I would not know the value of life, nor would I have a need to find the truth behind it.  Without that experience I would have never known the importance of self-reflection, which allowed for the view to see my faults to determine what it was that needed change to clear the way for what needed to be embraced. That moment is was helped determine who I am now. It was my experience with darkness that triggered the illumination of development for self-expression through art. And, it was my ability to open up and expose myself through artistic representation that finally mended my soul. Depression made me soulless. Art made me soulful.

I seek to discover knowledge and wisdom for the purpose of self-discovery. To know who I am on a soul level is of high importance to my life goal. While others are enjoying the material luxuries that life has to offer, I have my focus within. Within myself holds all the luxuries I could ever yearn for. My life quote would be, “Live to find value within”.

So, this is basically who I am in a nutshell. If you wish to know more, write me an email. I am always willing to converse with new people, especially souls with whom share similar interest.





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White Owl – Red Robin – Black Raven




  • Life Purpose is founded on Individuality and is directed towards Service
  • Personality is founded on Passion and is directed towards Self-Mastery
  • Sensuality is founded on Passion and is directed towards Spiritual Concerns.
  • Expansion is founded on Sacrifice and is directed towards Personal-Creativity
  • Conditioning is founded on Exploration and is directed towards Self-Mastery
  • Intuition is founded on Exploration and is directed towards Possessiveness
  • Subconscious is founded on Seriousness and is directed towards Possessiveness 
  • Emotional Nature is founded on Ideals and is directed towards Learning
  • Intensity is founded on Passion and is directed towards Spiritual Concerns
  • Ambition is founded on Seriousness and is directed towards Learning
  • Vitality is founded on Work and is directed towards Innovation
  • Rational Mind is founded on Work and is directed towards Innovation
  • Environment is founded on Domination and is directed towards Experience


  • Expansion flows with your Personality moderately‘Born to succeed’
  • Intensity unites with your Personality strongly‘Destructive Influence’
  • Emotional Nature clashes with your Personality strongly‘Unrealistic Emotional Understanding’
  • Sensuality works with your Subconscious extremely‘The Lover of the Universe’
  • Sensuality unites with your Intensity extremely‘Transforming Lover’
  • Vitality unites with your Rational Mind moderately‘Mental Focus’
  • Intuition flows with your Environment extremely‘Progressive Thinker’
  • Vitality flows with your Ambition extremely‘The Door-Opener’
  • Emotional Nature flows with your Rational Mind moderately‘The Charming Speaker’
  • Subconscious works with your Intensity extremely‘Self-Exploration’
  • Sensuality clashes with your Environment mildly‘The Loving Soul’
  • Intensity clashes with your Environment mildly‘Desire for Change’




Personality Type: INFP


Life Path Number: 38/11
Personality Number: 5
Balance Number: 2

Maturity Number: 8
Subconscious Self Number: 7
Hidden Passions: 2/5
Destiny Number: 6



SUN SIGN[virgo]


MOON SIGN[aquarius]


RISING SIGN[scorpio]




TRUE NODE[aries]





 (kin: 268)





Chinese Animal: TIGER










TAROT CARD: The High Priestess