In The Mist 

by Tyler Hebert (2011)

In the mist of a gloomy night the moon came down and ate the sky. 

In fear, some humans scavenge the area to find a secluded place to hide. 


Run, you false beings, because soon you will become exposed for all to see. 

You will no longer be able to cause fear upon the innocent. All will be at peace. 


The darkness that was once taken advantage of will no longer be the devils playground. 

The privileges I granted each of you haunt me like a poisoned regret. I am not proud. 


The acts of stupidity will come to an end tonight for I am the one that brings the light. 

You can no longer run for I will search and find the ones that broke my promise tonight. 


The earth I gave you is only being abused and used for your own selfish greed. 

No more will I sit back and watch as you commit to another negative foolish deed. 


All of you disloyal beings of discrete accusations will no longer scream to me in sympathy. 

You can cry, but you are guilty of false pretensions, and no longer do I feel remorse or pity. 


One by one you will follow each other in a single line as you march to the never-ending fire. 

The guards await for you so they can laugh as you scream of a new proclaimed desire. 


The ones that find the night to be a struggling fight will be freed from their paranoid chains. 

As they run into the moonlight I will erase all their memories of you leaving none to remain.