Words of The Soul 

by Tyler Hebert


“Speak not only to someone, but to their very soul. 

Use your eyes not to judge, but to see deeper than what is on the surface. 

Do not wait till the hours of night to close your eyes, and dream. 

Do more than stroke that of your ego, and caress more than a face. 

Express artistically your own view on reality from emotions that of your own. 

Research to understand more than what is written in a book. 

Live with hope that you, one day, will inspire, motivate and evolve with perfection. 

Use your arms to do more than hug those in which are loved. 

Use the voice within to speak not just for one, but for many. 

Hold the hand of a stranger so you can understand the real view of morality. 

Use your smile to acknowledge someone in need, and spread love. 

Make the words “I love you” stand for something more than false manipulation. 

Show gratitude to those who deserve it, and to those who may need it. 

Gain dignity by volunteering. Help the less fortunate. Help those in need. 

Use your ears to listen closely about stories of knowledge, and gain wisdom. 

Use your heart not only to love, but to live life with compassion. 

Use your feet to wear not only your shoes, but wear those of others. 

Change your perception about the value of life by helping humanity evolve. 

Today you can change a life, save a life, transform a life, and, in return, evolve your life.”