My Spiritual Journey – That in which I seek, I AM.

Written By: Tyler Hebert
A spiritual journey is not a quick process. Think of it as being a flower that needs proper managing to grow and blossom to its full potential. We must feed the seed with water and light. We must cater to its every need. The body and mind are quite the same. We must go within the center of our being, our temple, and draw forth our spiritual truth. The body and mind must be enriched with spiritual nourishing of the soul. When we allow our soul to nourish our mind it grants us access to our higher consciousness, which then embodies our physical body. From there, one lives and speaks on behalf of their soul.

What we feed the mind becomes the substance of our body. Who we are and how we are viewed is based on how we view ourselves. When we speak, we not only release it into our consciousness, but, also, into the consciousness of the world. One must speak only truth by knowing it’s of good intentions. As long as we don’t limit our minds to what we hear or read, we can then take guidance from our soul that grants us inner wisdom, intuition and direction.

This process involves a willingness to find silence as we listen to let our soul direct and illumine the mind. The guidance is there, but most of us never acknowledge it, as we tend to take orders from our ego. Think of the soul as being this shy child that is sitting in the corner. You are aware he is there, but he doesn’t really strive for your attention. He is content with who he is and comfortable in silence. Most often the soul is creative, sensitive, loving, intelligent and individual. This is why most artist and writers are known to have a direct connection with their soul. They are able to channel information from their soul in a conscious way that allows for original visions and creative ideas. When we listen to our soul the connection becomes that much stronger. When we ignore the soul we must rely on the ego.

Think of your ego as being this loud person that is talking up a storm. This person has everyone’s attention. When you look away from this person they automatically direct a loud statement that demands your focus. It’s hard to stray from listening, as it’s voice overpowers all others. When we take order from the ego we find ourselves looking just the same. Unlike the soul, the ego lives for attention, as the soul lives for self-expression.

I am aware that living without the ego is damn near impossible. We all want attention in some way or another. One who speaks that as being false is in denial. It is human nature to stand out from the crowd and be individual, but most of all, we all want to be acknowledged for it. However, there is a difference in surrendering to the ego completely, and knowing when and where the ego is of use. It takes self-discipline to understand the importance of distinguishing the difference between the soul and the ego. The voices are there, but which we allow to be spoken determines the level of our consciousness and enlightenment. One must remember to speak only the words that come from the soul and not the ego. As the ego can be highly judgmental to ourselves and to others.