44 – The Master Number of Universal Consciousness

After seeing the number 44 multiple times a day for some months now, I decided to interpret the meaning myself through observation and exploration. So, this is my take on the  meaning of the number 44.

First, lets look at the number 44 with a mathematical approach.

– 44 is a positive number that when added, subtracted, or multiplied, it creates another positive number. Therefore, the number 44 must resonate with a vibration of everything that makes up the positive energy of the universe.

When we add 4+4 we get the number 8.

– The number 8 is made up of an everlasting line that intersects in the middle. The center of an 8 is the connection of two worlds, as I see it. A possible bridge that connects the physical and the spiritual. Or, it can mean a connection of polar opposites, such as the yin and yang energies. All together the number 8 makes up the vibrations of perfect harmony, complete balance, and the consciousness of universal oneness.

– The number 8 is a connection of the higher and lower worlds, Heaven and Earth, for the means of bringing Heaven to Earth.

– If you turn the number 8 sideways and you will get the image of glasses, goggles or the human eyes. I view this as one being watched over by higher guidance during a connection, or transformation, of one with/into another dimension.

Therefore, the number 44 is the Master Number of “Universal Consciousness”.

– 44 is the number of the Infinite Soul. (Infinite Souls are the manifestation of “All-That-Is”. The entire universe is consciously encompassed in the one body of the Infinite soul. The Infinite soul is self-aware and does have superhuman abilities. The energy of the Infinite soul is so great that were they to be born into a human body and dwell consistently in it, the body would not last long. The Infinite soul may enter later in life.)

– 44 stands for the reconnection of the soul, also known as Ascension.

– 44 has somewhat of a Plutonium essence calling upon all of us to accept the ebb and flow of never-ending changes that ultimately determine the transmutation of the “Self”.

– The number 44 vibrates a triggering effect to awaken one, in order to awaken others.

– The number 44 can relate to the development of the Lightbody

Remember, this is just an observation.



Recently, I came across a site that gave me a broader insight behind the meaning of the number 44. The most interesting thing I’ve discovered was how my soul might be one associated with THE BLUE SOUL RAY.

It seems that I am seeing this number for the main reason of using Light Language to heal my being of any unnatural disturbance possibly causing damage to my energetic fields.


For every discordant energy that is created through disease, fear, technology and toxins, there is a harmonic frequency that restores the balance of God’s creation.

The frequencies of the Language of Light can help unscramble the disharmonic wave patterns (13) and can break through these unnatural rhythms that have disturbed your energetic fields (44) and your atmosphere.

The Language of Light is a higher form of communication with Source Creation. In the higher realms it is geometry and rays, in the mid realms it is frequency and sounds. As it comes down through the realms it is what formulates the original ancient and indigenous languages. It is from these languages that our newer languages have arrived.

The Language of Light is uncorrupted; it is pure Divine Light and Love.

Language is how you communicate with each other. The Language of Light is how you communicate with God and God with you.

Your ancient relatives the original star families, the Atlantians, the Lemurians, the Sirians, the Egyptians and the Mayans made use of it.

Through the “Concerts of Souls,” they created beautiful mandalas of holy light that were directed to create a world of peace. These mandalas of holy light created a grid for their bodies to hold the higher frequency of Light and Divine Love from Source creation (44).

It is through the Concert of Souls and the use of the Language of Light, that you are awakened to your innate divine power.

I call you to awaken and remember when all words were the voice of God and all sounds were the song of peace.

Your Divine Mother Goddess”

Resource: http://www.shekinaspeaks.com/Language_of_Light.html