For the second time, I looked to my mirror to see another hand print upon the glass. This happened awhile back. I would say about 2 months prior to my awakening. It was about the same time when I started hearing my name being called in the middle of the night. However, this time I could see something foggy in my peripheral vision. When I looked to check it out, I noticed the hand print in the mirror. To make sure it wasn’t from someone of my family playing a joke on me, I went and placed my hand upon the glass. I wanted to see if it would match the print of what was already there. It didn’t match. My hand print was lighter and lacked the detail that of the one filled with much detail. How do they do this? How are they able to leave behind, not only hand prints, but detailed finger prints. I mean it looks exactly like a human hand print.

Has anyone else had this happen to them? Have you been left a sign of the presence of someone in another dimension of reality?