The Human Species, inhabitants of 3rd Dimensional Earth, are a multiracial-civilization infused with (3) – 3rd Dimensional Planes of Expression and (1)  Transpersonal Expression.

  • Mental (3D Plane)
  • Physical (3D Plane)
  • Emotional (3D Plane)
  • Spiritual (Transpersonal)


3rd Dimensional Planes of Expression

The 3rd Dimensional Planes of Expression deal with current challenges an individual must overcome on the material plane. Each challenge is unique in correspondence to the level of advancement achieved by the soul. Progression is defined through karmic lessons and karmic debt. The goal is to purify the entire physical body and then overcoming every challenge within each plane. Once accomplished, the veil over the transpersonal plane lifts and initiates the next stage of soul development.

Characteristics of The 3rd Dimensional Planes of Expression:

  • Mental – Consciousness, Awareness, Discernment
  • Physical – Perception, Identity
  • Emotional –  Empathy, Detachment


Transpersonal Plane of Expression

The Transpersonal Plane involves the exploration within a plane once labeled fiction. The challenges within this plane deal with sensing, perceiving, interpreting and distribution of spiritual 3rd Dimensional Planes of Expression, along with finding a common balance between both the spiritual and the material. In finding balance, any information channeled from the higher planes could be grounded into the lower planes and thus be stored for future incarnations to comes.

NOTE: When a challenge failed to be identified/overcome, the universe will continue to repeat the same challenge. This will continue until the challenge is finally overcome and the individual acquires every seed of knowledge needed.

Characteristics of  Transpersonal Plane of Expression:

  • Spiritual – Soul Identity, Cosmic Connection, Universal Oneness