The Reality of One

One Person. One Journey. One Unknown Outcome.


Multidimensional Planes of Existence

Dimensional Planes of Expression

The Human Species, inhabitants of 3rd Dimensional Earth, are a┬ámultiracial-civilization infused with (3) - 3rd Dimensional Planes of Expression and (1) ┬áTranspersonal Expression. Mental (3D Plane) Physical (3D Plane) Emotional (3D Plane) Spiritual (Transpersonal)   3rd Dimensional Planes of Expression... Continue Reading →


Soul Challenges

The First Challenge of the soul deals with childhood. During this time the soul has to bring the physical, mental and emotional bodies in alignment with the spiritual in order to reveal as much as possible about the individual energy... Continue Reading →

Just Thinking..

I can justify the meaning behind goosebumps to be more than just something scientific. Every time I get the goosebumps I am left with the touch of something beyond the physical upon my skin. Somehow when we align our energy... Continue Reading →

Open Your Mind

The human mind, what a wonderful tool to explore. To say the mind doesn't control every aspect of our lives would insist that life isn't controlled by our own thoughts. If we declare something to be of truth, then our... Continue Reading →

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