I could feel this bizarre pressure going into both of my temporal lobes. It felt like fingers, yet they were subtle. No one was around me, but they felt so real. 


It was a beautiful night. The stars were shinning ever so brightly. Light from the moon gazed over my skin and illumined my very being. It was one of those nights were everything seemed so right, so peaceful and carefree. I took it upon myself to state within that I was now ready for my next encounter. I asked my higher self to aid in my spiritual development. At least, I thought I was ready. What I encountered, or should I say experienced, was short of something I’ve read before.

I sat on a chair, an iron chair, to be exact. My sister was next to me as we both occupied the still of the night. I remember hearing the birds chirping. Yes, the birds were singing their song at weird hours of the night. I reached for my pack of cigarettes and what I felt stopped me in my tracks. I honestly became frozen. All stood still, physically, but what was happening etherically, or energetically, avoided the pause. I felt something slide into my left  and right temples. It was so strange that I yelled at my sister. She jumped, as always when I experience something, and told me to relax. She reminded me that nothing is evil and what I was experiencing was for my growth. It was for my development. So, when her reassurance, I allowed it to happen.

The feeling stayed there. It felt almost as if there were to fingers, one in my left temple and the other in my right temple. I moved my head right and they remained. I moved my head to the left and, still, nothing changed. I was freaked. Panic came over me. This wasn’t normal, I thought. I am being controlled by something of the darkness. I hesitated in calling my guides, but managed to do so without causing myself to vibrate an alarming frequency. I was told that everything should be done with love. Yet, calling my guides and angels failed to being a difference in my encounter. Whatever it was remained. So, I took it upon myself to relax and thought about letting it control my head. What could possibly happen, right?

My sister and I went into the house and sat on the couch. She sat right next to me, as this stuff always keeps her on her toes. I asked her to ask a question. She took sometime to think. I demanded she hurry. She asked, “Are you evil?” I went numb and it moved my head back and then forward. My sister jumped and rain to my mother’s room. I wasn’t scared though. Something came over me to the point where I was at peace. I was okay with this being controlling my head. I started to ask questions.

I asked, “Are you an Ascended Master?”

It shook my head back and then forward.

I asked, “Are you a darkworker?”

It shook my head back and then forward.

I asked, “Are you here for my spiritual growth?”

It shook my head back and then forward.

I asked, “Am I a Lightworker?”

It shook my head back and then forward.

I asked, “Are you working for the light?”

It shook my head back and then forward.

I decided I was done with the questions, because I wasn’t sure if I already knew the answers to the questions, or if this being was just messing with me. I got up and went get some water. The feeling stayed there throughout the night and lasted for about a week, or so. The pressure on my temples got stronger and stronger with each day. At time I wouldn’t feel it and at times I would feel it worse than ever. At one point it felt like a helmet, or some kind of hat, was on my head. I am still curious to know what this was all about and what it actually happened.

Has anyone ever experienced anything like this before? My temples never got warm or cold. They just has the feeling of something being stuck within them.

I will write shortly about when this feeling got even worse and what it took for it to go away..