“Man, His Soul and Spirit”

By: Tyler J. Hebert

Mind, Body and Soul = Personality, Form and Energy 

Man is molded by form of matter and his spirit a frequency of energy. Both share the same energetic structure, yet each vibrating at a different frequency.

Man is to achieve a state of higher consciousness through the conscious awareness of his Mind, Body and Soul. When these three lights meet and are properly balanced, man initiates the start of his soul development. He will then use the lights of his mind, body and soul to journey into the darkest depths of his being where he must face the battle between his lower and higher aspects of self, the Soul versus the Personality. The Personality must give in and become the servant to the Soul. Once the Soul and Personality are fully integrated, man will evolve into a more soul-centered personality.

The Soul then must continue purifying the mind and body, including the etheric body (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual) to fully release man of his lower vibrations and raise his consciousness to its highest level while in physical form.

Once this happens, the soul will exit man where it initiates the anchoring of Spirit into Man, aka Spirit into Matter. Spirit is energy at its highest vibration and Matter is energy at its lowest vibration. The SOUL is the way through which SPIRIT connects to Matter and Matter to Spirit. Man is the shelter for Soul and the vessel for Spirit. The Soul is the bridge linking Spirit and Man. Spirit is the connection between Heaven and Earth.